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I Can't Get Started ...

23. srpna 2007 v 18:55
Sookie plays the Ella Fitzgerald song that she's selected as her wedding song for Lorelai, Rory, and Michel. They sit with their heads in their hands while Sookie smiles along to the music. Lorelai tells Sookie that she can't walk down the aisle to that song; it's morbid and depressing. Rory tactfully suggests that "I Can't Get Started" would be as melodic, but less "Girl, Interrupted." Lorelai asks Michel about his progress on the wedding guest list, and he responds with typical sarcasm. Lorelai is unfazed and tells him that she's not going to let him annoy her out of handling the task. Sookie mentions that her cousin Carl and his guest had to cancel their reservations for the wedding, and asks Lorelai if Emily and Richard would like to come in their places. Lorelai is initially reluctant but Sookie insists, since Emily "helped" with the wedding, telling Sookie not to use yellow, but pink.
Waiting for Friday dinner to begin, Lorelai realizes aloud that "Oy with the poodles already" would be a good catchphrase for her and Rory to use when "the perfect circumstances" arise. Emily is annoyed by the chatter, but pleased when Lorelai extends the invitation to Sookie's wedding. When Emily learns that the wedding is just a week away, however, she calls it a "pity invite" and begins a sarcastic series of comments and questions that Lorelai attempts to stop by changing the subject. Richard arrives at the table and reprises Emily's reactions to the wedding news: acting pleased, then calling it a "pity invite," at which Emily gloats. Lorelai finds the first perfect circumstance for the use of her new catchphrase.
At Luke's, Rory persuades Dean to swap breakfast plates with her, while Lorelai is completing a nervous walk up and down the sidewalk. Dean wants to take something to her, but Rory is using "tough love" and says that the fight between Lorelai and Luke has gone on too long. Lorelai finally enters but panics as Rory and Dean leave for school. She approaches Luke, who is polite but cool. She tries to apologize for the fight they had the night of Rory and Jess's car accident. He insists that he is not mad at her, and asks exactly what she wants. Lorelai says she wants Luke back; Luke replies that he's standing right here. Frustrated, she leaves the diner.
In the Chilton study body presidential forum, candidate Paris delivers a strident speech to an absolute lack of applause. As the students exit, Paris spots Rory working on her article for the Franklin, and attempts to find out what Rory's writing. Rory tells her to go away. Madeline and Louise arrive with polling results: Students overwhelmingly recognize that Paris is competent, but almost all find her scary and won't vote for her. Paris, stunned, asks her advisers what she should do. Madeline suggests a sex scandal and Louise says she'll get right on it. Paris then asks Rory to run as her vice-presidential candidate. Rory refuses repeatedly until Paris points out that "Harvard loves this kind of crap!" Rory hesitantly turns back to listen to the rest of Paris' pitch: What if Harvard rejects her? Won't she be thinking that she should have run with Paris? Rory finally accepts and asks if the thought of just being nice to people has never occurred to Paris.
At the doctor's office to get Rory's cast removed, the girls are surprised by Christopher's entrance; though he had said the previous week that he wanted to come down from Boston, Lorelai hadn't actually expected him. Christopher offers to treat the girls to dinner but Rory has to work on her campaign, about which she has divided feelings: If she wins, she'll have to spend six weeks at a Washington, D.C., leadership camp with Paris. Christopher offers to break into Chilton the next Thursday to tamper with votes, but that's Sookie's rehearsal dinner, which Lorelai invites him to attend -- and he accepts.
At the dinner, Kirk stands and starts tapping on his glass, much to the delight of Miss Patty who thinks he's going to make a toast. All Kirk wants is the owner of the silver Volvo to move the car so he can leave. The Volvo is Christopher's, and he conspires with Lorelai to wait 10 minutes before moving it. An agitated Jackson shows Sookie a kilt that his father has just given him to wear on his wedding day, just as Jackson's dad did. As the two carry their argument through the house, Christopher tells Lorelai to bring a bottle of wine onto the porch. Lorelai is pleased with this "bossy" attitude.
On the porch, Christopher asks her to take plenty of photos of the wedding. Lorelai suggests he come to the wedding since he'll be in town and he agrees. Lorelai is amazed: Doesn't he have to check with Sherry? Christopher confesses that things have not been going well with Sherry and that they've taken the time apart to think: His recent thoughts have been to find an apartment. Lorelai is surprised but acts kindly, and Christopher says the breakup is nobody's fault.
The next morning, Lorelai begins to tell Rory about Christopher and Sherry but a phone call from Paris interrupts: She's planning her concession speech, convinced that she is going to lose; even if she wins, it will only be because of Rory. Rory tells her to leave the auditorium, lest people think she's insane, and tells her she deserves the job. Lorelai finishes telling Rory about the impending breakup and Rory observes that her mom is gloating and smiling.
On the eve of the wedding, Sookie appears in the Inn lobby, exuberant over the touches she's put on the wedding cake, and confidently saying she's "outdone" herself this time. Later, Lorelai is putting finishing touches on decorations at the Inn when Christopher appears, unable to sleep. The two relax on a sofa, talk about the wedding, kiss with increasing passion -- and go together to Christopher's room. Later, when Lorelai goes into the Inn kitchen for snacks, she finds Sookie in her wedding gown and veil, hysterically tearing flowers off the wedding cake. She's fearful that using pink tells Jackson that his opinion doesn't count and she's afraid of divorce. Lorelai calms her somewhat, and Sookie asks Lorelai to tell her something to stop her from obsessing. Lorelai's news that she just slept with Christopher does the trick! Calm again, Sookie leaves for home, and Lorelai returns upstairs.
The couple talk about what their future might hold, and agree that they "can't change everything on Rory" unless the change appears to be permanent. Lorelai says they'll never know unless they try, and Christopher agrees: They'll try.
The next morning, Kirk arrives at the diner and asks Luke's opinion on the new suit Kirk's wearing in hopes of attracting a woman at the wedding. Luke retreats to his apartment, where he finds Jess. Jess wants to come back; Luke says things will have to be different and Jess agrees. Luke tells Jess that Rory is with Dean and advises him to leave it alone, let it go.
At the Inn before the wedding, Paris calls Dean's cell phone to tell Rory that they've won the election. Rory tells Dean that she still hasn't decided about spending the summer in Washington. A blissful Christopher and Lorelai encounter Emily and Richard, and Emily grills Lorelai about Christopher's presence. Lorelai tells Emily she might be seeing a lot more of Christopher from now on, and Emily is pleased. Christopher and Rory discuss the possible reunion; Rory is pleased but warns him that she and her mom have been waiting for this for a long time. They are happily hugging when Christopher gets a phone call and excuses himself. Rory turns to see Jess watching her. He tells her he's moved back and she impulsively kisses him, then runs away from him.
Lorelai tells Christopher to find a good seat, but he says he must go: Sherry has called -- she's just found out that she's pregnant. Christopher doesn't know what to do; he was so happy last night, but he "missed it" with Rory (Lorelai knows this) and he never forgave himself; so what is he going to do? Just take off and disappear, again? Lorelai says no, he is going to go home. Christopher begins to fret some more, but Lorelai stops him: She has to walk down the aisle and look happy for Sookie, and right now she's having trouble standing. He asks her to tell Rory.
As "I Can't Get Started" plays, Jackson, looking handsome in his kilt, strides to the wedding arch. Rory, who looks haunted, joins Lorelai, who looks stunned, on the staircase. Rory takes the bridesmaid's bouquet that Lorelai hands her and says she's going to Washington. Lorelai whispers "OK" and the two begin their procession down the hill.

Lorelai's Graduation Day ...

23. srpna 2007 v 18:55
Lorelai and Rory are walking to a mysterious new breakfast place, because Luke is still mad at Lorelai and she doesn't want to risk going back there. Rory's complaining that her feet hurt. Lane runs up to them and asks if she can practice drumming on their pots and pans again. Lorelai says sure, because it's not as though they use them for anything else. Lane runs off again. Rory notices that they're not walking towards any businesses, and Lorelai tells her that they've arrived. Rory looks at where they are and tells Lorelai that she has no shame.
Lorelai and Rory are sitting in Sookie's kitchen, eating huge breakfasts. Rory feels guilty about making Sookie cook for them. Jackson is leaning against the counter with his eyes closed, moaning. Sookie explains that he's not much of a morning person. As a joke, Lorelai suggests that they put aspirins at every place setting instead of Jordan Almonds. When asked what he thinks about that, Jackson just moans. Sookie says that Lorelai's question will register after a few days. Yes, days.
Back at the house, Lorelai is studying and complaining that she hates her books and they hate her. In addition to all of the hatred, every time Lorelai gains knowledge, some past knowledge leaks out of her head in order to make room for the new knowledge. Lorelai is just thankful she's graduating soon and asks Rory what she sees in learning and knowledge. Rory reminds her that she's a minor and therefore it's mandatory, but besides that, it's fun. Rory then asks Lorelai if her graduation will have a ceremony. Lorelai finally admits that there is one. Rory is excited and tells Lorelai that she has to be in it. Lorelai is unsure, but Rory convinces her that she's earned it. Lorelai even begins to get a little excited about it, especially when she remembers that she'll get a tassle. They talk about who they'll invite and decide on Sookie and Jackson. Lorelai balks when Rory mentions Emily and Richard; she humiliated them and they'll never forgive her, and they won't want to come. Rory leaves it alone for now.
The next day as they walk around Stars Hollow, Dean tries to explain the concept of skeet shooting to Lorelai and Rory. They don't understand, so he just tells them that he made it all up. When they reach the market, Lorelai says that she needs some stuff, so she'll meet them back at the house. Inside the market, she runs into Luke and starts babbling. She asks him if they can talk about what happened, but he says that he has to get back to the diner.
Later, Rory shows up at her grandparents' house. She called and told Emily that she had something she wanted to discuss with them in person. They go into the dining room, which is set with an English tea service. Richard jogs in; he's run all the way from his office to hear what Rory has to say. Rory starts a very official "proposal" about Lorelai's graduation and how she wants them to come. She hands them tickets and says that she has time for a scone before her bus.
Later at Lorelai's house, Lorelai is sitting on the couch with a drink, celebrating the end of school, while Rory reads a life planning book that Lorelai got from the college. The phone rings, and Rory gets up to get it while Lorelai gets another drink. It's Jess. Rory goes into her room with the phone and shuts the door, telling Lorelai that the music is too loud. They don't say much at all, and it doesn't last very long because Jess is calling long-distance from a pay phone.
The next morning, Rory's getting her backpack ready for school while Lorelai tries to decide what to wear to her graduation. Rory gives her some tips. Lorelai is impressed, and Rory tells her that she learned it all from her. Rory tells Lorelai that she has some newspaper stuff after school, but she'll be to her graduation no later than six, and then they'll go out to dinner afterwards.
Paris and Rory are walking towards Chiltron. Paris is rambling on and on about an advisor that she almost made cry and almost felt sorry for. She's so into her story that she doesn't notice when Rory turns around and goes back out the gates.
At the Independence Inn, Lorelai is in the kitchen where Sookie surprises her with a graduation hat cake, complete with tassel. Sookie then shows Lorelai pictures of her own high school graduation. Christopher calls Lorelai's cell phone and asks if she's gotten his present, a basket that he put together himself. Lorelai is mystified and asks Michel if a basket came for her. He tells her that he put it in the lobby, so she goes to find it. She pulls out a savings bond, a youth hostel card, a job-hunting manual, a DVD of "The Graduate", an application to join the armed forces, and a necklace in a velvet box. She says the pearl almost looks real, and Chris tells her that it better look very real, since it is. He says she's Superwoman with raising Rory and all the things she does. He tells her to have fun at graduation and reminds her to take lots of pictures. Lorelai moans that she forgot the camera; Christopher tells her to look in the basket. Lorelai pulls out a disposable camera.
Next we find Rory getting off a bus and then asking for directions to Washington Square Park, which is where Jess told her he usually hangs out. She has to ask several people before someone actually answers her. She walks in the direction someone tells her and finds Jess sitting on a bench in the park reading. Jess doesn't seem surprised to see her. They start walking around the city. Rory says that she feels very urban and that she's no stranger to "The Big Apple". Jess is amused, especially when she tells him that she gave someone at the bus stop a withering stare. They then go for lunch at a hot dog stand, which Rory says is delicious. Jess asks about Luke, and Rory tells him that he's good and offers to say hello for him. Jess then tells her that he's going to take her to a really awesome record store. He heads for the subway, and Rory worries that she won't be able to take her hotdog there.
Lorelai arrives at the graduation ceremony hours early to get a gown without wrinkles or mysterious stains on it. She's looking through the gowns when someone walks by the room she's in. Out of the corner of her eye, she thinks maybe it's her mother. She looks at a couple more gowns, and then goes off to find the mystery lady. In the auditorium, Emily's cameraman Raul is setting up filming equipment. When Lorelai sees this, she wonders how Emily knew about the event, then realizes that Rory told her. Emily and Raul are totally taking over the community college. Lorelai goes to get a coffee.
Rory and Jess are at the record store. It's packed full of records and the owner knows everything about every record in there. Rory finds a a Go-Gos record signed by Belinda. The Go-Gos were Lorelai's favorite group as a teen and this would make a perfect graduation present.
Rory and Jess are at the bus station. Someone asks Rory for directions. She's thrilled that she's been taken for a native, even though she points him in the wrong direction. Rory gets on the bus, and Jess asks her why she came. She ditched school and everything, and that's not a Rory thing to do. Rory tells him that it's because he didn't say goodbye. They say goodbye.
Lorelai is fixing her make-up when another girl, Liza, comes up and asks to borrow her mirror. Zach, the girl's boyfriend, walks up and they start bickering. They invite Lorelai to go to pizza afterwards, but she declines since she already has plans with Rory. Then they start talking about some rich woman out there setting up professional film equipment. Zach and Liza talk about how much they hate rich people, and Lorelai goes along with it.
Rory is sitting on the bus, but it's not moving and they're still at the station. She asks the bus driver why and he tells her that there was an accident that shut down the interstate and he doesn't know when they'll be allowed to get going again.
Sookie and Jackson come into the graduate check-in room. They gush about how awesome Lorelai looks, and Jackson shows off his new suit. Liza and Zach continue to talk about how much they hate people with money. Lorelai continues to go along with it, confusing Sookie and Jackson. A lady comes in carrying a box and asks Lorelai to pick out a corsage. Lorelai won't take one until the lady tells her Emily will just come back herself if she doesn't choose. Liza and Zach are mad that Lorelai's the "rich girl". Lorelai tries to explain her situation, but they don't believe her. They accuse her of not wanting to go get pizza because that's "below" her and say that Jackson's suit "drips money". Jackson tells them that it was 30% off.
Lorelai's pager goes off. It's Rory, saying that she'll be late but not to worry. Lorelai is worried, of course. Sookie and Jackson tell Lorelai that they'll save Rory a seat.
On the bus, Rory is getting really nervous. The bus is making a lot of stops, and the guy next to her is spitting into a can.
Lorelai is called up to get her diploma. Raul and his film crew rush to her to get every angle. When she looks at her parents, her mother is crying and her father has a dreamlike stare on his face. She smiles and moves her tassel to the other side of her cap.
After the ceremony, Richard and Emily give their congratulations and prepare to leave. Lorelai stops them and asks them to do the traditional parents-flanking-the-graduate pose. Raul uses the disposable camera that Chris gave her to take the picture. Richard hands Lorelai an envelope, telling her to use it for something fun, and they leave.
Sookie and Jackson come up to Lorelai. Lorelai's surprised that Rory hasn't shown up yet. Sookie tells her that Rory called and said that she's hung up and will meet her at home. Sookie asks Lorelai if she wants to go out to eat, but Lorelai says that she'll just go home to Rory. Suddenly, the aspirins instead of Jordan Almonds thing registers with Jackson. Sookie's amazed; this is the longest anything's ever taken. Jackson is worried that his family won't get the joke. Sookie tells him to calm down.
At Lorelai's house, Rory is waiting out front when Lorelai pulls in. After establishing that Rory's not hurt or sick, and neither is Lane or anyone else like that, Lorelai tells Rory that she's really hurt; she's the reason she did the graduation ceremony in the first place. She tells Rory that she should have gotten out of whatever it was that kept her. Rory tells Lorelai that she cut school and went to New York to see Jess. She starts talking about all of the ways Lorelai should punish her. Lorelai is stunned that Rory did all of this. Rory says that she must be sick or ill, because she would never do this otherwise. Lorelai tells Rory that it's possible that she's falling for Jess. Rory refuses to believe this and tells Lorelai that she'll be with Dean forever. She then remembers that she left Lorelai's present on the bus. She decides that she'll go to her room and to bed without supper, the classic punishment. Lorelai still wants to go out to dinner with her best friend; Rory may not deserve it but Lorelai does. Rory says that she'll go take a shower and then they can go out to dinner, Rory's treat, and then they'll come home and Rory will have a horrible night of sleep. Lorelai says that it sounds great. Rory apologizes again and goes inside.

Help Wanted ...

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It seems to be another typical morning in Stars Hollow, with the girls heading over to Luke's for breakfast. Rory wants to know what happened between Lorelai and Luke, but Lorelai tells her it's not even a thing, a mere "thinglet," if you will. Lorelai assures Rory that eventually, things will get back to normal. Then they arrive at Luke's to find a line of people. At first Lorelai thinks people are waiting, but then they see a sign: "Gone Fishing." Possibilities are discussed for Luke's being closed -- taking a vacation, actually fishing, or just keeping Kirk out -- but everyone knows that Luke's is never closed. Lorelai insists that Rory shouldn't read anything into it, that everything will be fine. Kirk disagrees: he left his wallet in the diner the day before.

The girls are left to eat breakfast at "The Hungry Diner," the antithesis of Luke's, complete with small coffee cups, pictures on the menu, and an overly cheery waitress. Rants ensue before Lorelai spots Michel and cheers up when she succeeds in annoying him to the point of leaving.The girls try to figure out a way to get Rory out of Friday night dinner so she can explain the broken arm situation to Dean when he returns home that evening. Lorelai is happy to oblige in covering for Rory, since she still is unsure how to tell her parents that Rory's arm is broken. So far, all she has is "really big bees."

Friday night dinner arrives sans Rory, who now is explained as having the flu. Richard breaks the news that he is now running The Gilmore Group, his new consulting business (although Lorelai never quite figures out what a consultant does). During pre-dinner drinks, Richard finds out his longtime secretary, Margie, has decided not to join him in his new venture. Both Gilmores immediately consider giving up the new business entirely and are discussing getting out of the lease before Lorelai offers her help in getting him settled and finding a new secretary. They reluctantly agree. Meanwhile, Rory waits nervously in front of Dean's house for him to return home. Unsure how to explain the car wreck with Jess, she gives him a letter and waits for him to finish. While Rory waits for a blow-up, Dean only wants to know if Jess is really gone. A confused Rory, who expected a fight, is invited to stay for dinner. The girls end their evenings with talk of Dean and Jess and what a great boyfriend Dean is with everything that has happened. Lorelai expresses her blame of Jess for the car accident and Rory's broken arm. An unsettled Rory is left to her thoughts and Lorelai to the huge stack of resumes for her father's secretary position.

Lorelai arrives at her father's new office to find everything in complete disarray. She takes over. While Lorelai opens the world of office supply store shopping to Richard, Rory and Lane are walking through Stars Hollow and notice an old store has the boards removed from the windows. They discover there is now a music store inside. Rory spots Taylor across the street and heads over to apologize for his sign being destroyed in the much-talked-about car accident. Once again, Rory is praised for her goodness and Jess blamed for the accident. Rory tries to argue that Jess didn't cause it, but Taylor wants to hear nothing of it.

The new music store owner, Sophie, allows Lane to stop stalking the drum set she has inside the store and sit with the drumsticks and test them out, although there is no touching allowed. Lane is hooked. Richard's office is now running smoothly with Lorelai in charge, who is informed when her mother calls that there will be a launch party for the new business that Friday. At first Lorelai is hopeful that she and Rory will get out of Friday night dinner, but Emily has other plans. She expects to see both of them there. Back at home, Babette reacts to Rory's broken arm by explaining how men are always the downfall of women and scaring her with tales of her past life in a cult. Rory escapes inside, where Lane calls to inform Rory she will now be a drummer, because she is meant to rock. The conversation ends with Lane hiding her drum sticks and rejoining her mother in church choir practice.

Richard's office is now running so smoothly with Lorelai in charge that he shows no interest in interviewing for a new secretary. A frustrated Lorelai finally tells her father this is her last day of helping out in the office. A hurt Richard cuts her off and throws himself into work. The girls are crabby as they head to The Gilmore Group launch party. Lorelai has to get a burger from someplace other than Luke's and Rory is tired of hearing how her broken arm is Jess's fault. Lorelai once again dismisses Rory's guilt by telling her horrible Jess is.


Teach Me Tonight ...

23. srpna 2007 v 18:50

Lorelai and Rory are in line at the grocery store eyeing the new bag boy, wondering if he's after Dean's job and at the same time, are arguing with Taylor about the annual Movie in the Square event in Stars Hollow. Lorelai is so horrified that Taylor has picked The Yearling for the millionth time that she can't help but berate him endlessly. He becomes so infuriated that he relinquishes his crown and gives her the right, no, the privilege of picking this year's movie. Lorelai and Rory rush home to pop some popcorn and pick their flick.

But maybe picking the movie isn't so easy. Titles like Crimes and Misdemeanors, The Sting, Arthur and Sophie's Choice get thrown out as suggestions, but alas there are just too many good movies out there! Then, Rory's dad calls to tell her that he doesn't have time to talk but has sent her a lengthy email to make up for it. Apparently, Christopher and Lorelai are still fighting and refuse to talk to each other and refuse to tell Rory why they're fighting.

At Stars Hollow High, Jess sneaks into class fifteen minutes before it's over while a test is going on. He begs Lane for a pen but she refuses to help him. When he does dig one up, it's not so he can actually take the test. No, he's just writing in the margins of his latest teen-angst novel. The teacher rolls her eyes in exasperation, and the next thing you know, Luke is being called into the principal's office to talk about Jess's problems. These problems include his complete lack of participation at school; including cutting class most of the time, and his need for a major attitude adjustment. There's even some accusation about missing baseball balls. Unfortunately, Luke is ill-equipped to help Jess. But something has got to be done because he's flunking out.

Meanwhile, Lorelai is narrowing down her movie list. She's taken off Fletch and Urban Cowboy, leaving seventy-five other possibilities. How in the world are they going to pick one movie? Just then, Taylor strolls in to Luke's with a list of movie titles that Lorelai is allowed to pick from. It turns out that movies are expensive, so Taylor has negotiated with a company to get movies for a good price. Lorelai takes a look at the list, and it seems like it's a straight-to-video catalog because neither she nor Rory have ever heard of these films.

When Luke gets home, he heads straight to Jess's room and makes an attempt to talk to him. After a few false starts, Luke demands to know why Jess is screwing up his education. Does he really want to repeat the eleventh grade? As usual, Jess couldn't care less about anything coming out of Luke's mouth. He refuses to take the talk seriously and then just bails. But not before insulting what Luke does for a living. Who needs an education, really, when one can find a career at a diner? Ouch.

Later at home, Lorelai announces that she has finally chosen the movie. The Yearling it is! Apparently, that's the best of the bunch. What a bummer. Suddenly, Luke arrives with a batch of brownies and a strange request. He wants to talk with Rory. A few awkward comments later, Luke finally asks Rory for a favor. Would she tutor Jess? Rory doesn't get it. Jess is smart enough to pass any class at school. But it's not a matter of intelligence. It's a matter of motivation. Rory agrees, and the first tutoring session will begin tonight. When Lorelai finds out about this little arrangement, she doesn't seem too pleased about it. After all, Rory is so sweet; she would never refuse to help. Lorelai thinks Rory's got too much to worry about without making sure Jess passes his classes. Unfortunately, Rory is the only one who Jess will listen to.

That night, Kirk comes by Luke's to talk to Lorelai about the whole movie thing. He has made a short film and would like Lorelai to screen it before The Yearling. Since his biggest inspiration is the guy who directed all the episode of The Facts of Life, Kirk's film doesn't seem to have much promise. Lorelai agrees to consider it, but what she really wants to do is take it home and mock it endlessly. As Lorelai leaves, Rory requests that if Dean calls, Lorelai should say that Rory is at Lane's. This does not go over well with Lorelai. Lying is bad. And besides, if this tutoring thing is no big deal, then why not tell the truth? Lorelai and Rory continue to bicker over this issue until Jess emerges. He makes several derogatory remarks about the whole tutoring thing, making Lorelai dislike him even more.

At Luke's Diner, where they are studying, Rory does her best to help Jess, but he distracts himself with card tricks. The whole thing is totally counter-productive because Jess would rather do anything else but open his books. After much badgering, it seems like Jess finally gets down to business. Yet, it turns out that while he's supposed to be writing an essay, he was really writing down the lyrics to The Clash's "Guns of Brixton." Finally, Jess says he's sick of studying and convinces Rory to take a ride and get some ice cream. He promises that if she agrees, he will return to Luke's and actually do some studying.

While driving, Jess and Rory eat some messy ice cream out of their cones (it's the only way to eat ice cream, after all). Jess then asks Rory to take the wheel while he eats. She freaks out a little bit at first, but then relaxes when he takes over again. Next, Rory starts grilling Jess about why he's flunking out of school. Jess doesn't care about high school because he has no plans to go to college. While they argue about Jess's potential and lack of ambition, Jess turns the conversation around and asks Rory what her future plans are. These plans include such things as, Harvard, journalism, and other big stuff. Their talk is full of flirting and there's even some prolonged eye contact going on. Then, Jess suggests that they could go back to Luke's or he could turn right and keep driving for a while. Rory simply says, "Turn right."

The next thing that happens is Rory calling Lorelai at home and telling her that she was in a car accident. Apparently, a small animal ran in front of the car, Jess swerved and bang, an accident. Everyone's fine (but the car is royally messed up). This news is hardly comforting. Lorelai is freaking out. She heads straight to the hospital to see Rory, who's got a broken wrist. It's no big deal, but she'll wear a cast for a few weeks. While Rory gets her cast put on, Lorelai leaves and makes her way to Luke's Diner.

Lorelai really wants to rip into Jess for causing harm to her daughter, but he is nowhere to be found. So by default, Luke is the one who is screamed at. And at the end of the tirade, the whole event becomes Luke's fault. He shouldn't have asked Rory to tutor his punk-of-kid nephew in the first place. Luke is sorry about what happened, but does not believe he should take the blame. Luke takes off to find Jess, leaving Lorelai alone in the middle of town. When she sees the tow truck with Rory's crashed car attached to it, it's too much to take. Lorelai starts crying and calls Christopher. Meanwhile, Luke finds Jess, who feels pretty terrible about the whole thing. The two guys sit in silence because nothing needs to be said. They both know how serious this is.

Back at home, Rory is well taken care of. Lorelai is the perfect nurse maid, but all Rory wants to do is sleep. Lorelai is so nervous that she insists on sleeping in the chair in Rory's room. Rory apologizes for what happened but it's not necessary, Lorelai is just glad her baby is okay. When Lorelai wakes up in the middle of the night, Christopher is sitting right next to her. The two then go into the living room and make peace. Christopher says he'll take care of the car and take care of Jess. It's a relief to Lorelai to have him there, taking charge, helping out. She likes the superhero Christopher. She likes it when he puts family first. And he conveniently refuses to answer any questions about Sherry. Maybe they're not together anymore? It doesn't matter right now because they're both sorry about what happened last time Christopher was here.

At the big movie night, Rory gives the lowdown to Lane and talks about how everything is just so out of whack. She hasn't talked to Jess, Dean is away at his grandmother's house, Luke and Lorelai had a big fight, and Christopher is hanging around. It's all pretty crazy. Before the movie begins, Kirk's short film plays on the big screen. It's so bad, that it's really good. And while Lorelai watches with Christopher, he promises to be around more often because he likes being around. That's a good thing because Lorelai and Rory like it too. While Christopher gets some popcorn, Lorelai and Rory overhear that Luke packed Jess on a bus and sent him home to his mom.

Back in the Saddle Again ...

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At Luke's Diner, Lorelai and Rory notice that something has changed, something significant. He has removed the classic French toast special and replaced it with an omelet special. Oh the horror! Rory's been ordering the French toast since she was born. What's a Gilmore girl to do? Lorelai tries to order the omelet, but Luke is skeptical that she'll like it. She persists but not without changing the omelet ingredients completely. It serves Luke right for trying to introduce something different.

When Rory tells Lorelai that she recognizes the handwriting on the chalkboard featuring the specials as Jess's, Lorelai wonders just how she knows Jess's handwriting so well. It turns out that Rory lent him a book, and he wrote in the margins. Very interesting. Just then, Dean unexpectedly drops by to say hello, and Rory doesn't look so jazzed to see him. Lorelai invites him to join them, and he checks with Rory to see if that's okay. She hesitates ever so slightly, but of course Dean can join them. He doesn't need to even ask. He sits, orders the omelet special, and a shot of Rory shows she looks uncharacteristically uncomfortable.

Later at Chilton, Rory is leading a group about an upcoming business fair. They're supposed to come up with a product that's geared toward high school kids. Later, a boy named Brad joins the group which also has Paris, Louise, and Madeline as members. It seems he's been away from Chilton (for some sort of psychiatric reason), but now he's back and quite enthusiastic. Rory is nice to him, of course, while Paris is her usual self. After she insults Brad, she reminds Rory that they need to find an advisor, a parent who runs a business that can help them with their project. And it looks like Lorelai fits the bill, much to Rory's chagrin.

At the inn, Lorelai rushes into the kitchen to show Sookie her wedding invitations. Unfortunately, Sookie's name is spelled wrong. They printed Suzie instead. Lorelai gets on the phone to help fix the problem, while Michel announces that his mother is coming to visit. Isn't that special? Being happy about a visit from one's mother is a totally foreign concept to Lorelai. When Lorelai hands off the phone to Sookie, she freaks out. These people are ruining the most important day of her life!

After school, Rory arrives at the inn and asks Lorelai about being the parent advisor on her economics project. Lorelai agrees but then suggests that Richard (the retired business tycoon) would be perfect for the job. Plus, it might be just the thing Richard needs to make his life a little more interesting now that he is retired. Rory heads over to her grandparent's place to pop the question. Richard seems reluctant to do it, he's awful busy etc, etc. So Rory leaves without the advisor she needs. After Rory leaves, Richard tells Emily how he declined Rory's offer. Emily is furious that Richard would disappoint Rory. Emily can deal with the moping and the other crap that's occurred since Richard's retirement; however, denying their granddaughter such a service is unforgivable.

Later, Rory and Lane are walking in Stars Hollow, and Lane is freaking out because she took a career aptitude test and discovered that she's perfect for a career in sales. Rory gently explains that these tests don't mean anything, but Lane is still quite disturbed. It's the fourth time she's taken it and it's the fourth time the test said sales. The girls run into Dean, who asks Rory to watch his softball game. She declines because they have plans tonight and she's got philosophy homework to contend with. Dean suggests that she do her homework at the game, but she doesn't want to. A fight almost breaks out, but instead Dean shuffles away looking defeated.

Michel's mother, Gisele, arrives at the inn, and it's a complete love fest. And after a few moments, it's clear where Michel got his personality. However, Gisele is much more charming than her son, complimenting Lorelai in the first few seconds they meet.

At Chilton, Richard accompanies Rory to her business fair meeting. Seems Emily's comments made him change his mind. He is introduced to the group and then observes as everyone pitches some ideas for their potential product. Louise suggests a lipstick LoJack, in other words, a tracking device for lost lipstick. That idea is discarded quickly, leaving Madeline to suggest a locker robot. But that means someone would actually have to build a robot. Next? Paris jumps up and presents everyone with a detailed proposal of her idea, something that no teenager should be without. A first-aid kit specially designed to fit inside a locker with minimum space destruction. Richard questions Paris on why a teenager would buy something they could get a drugstore or get for free from the school nurse. Ah, that's easy. The way to a teenager's wallet is packaging. Put it in a leopard print and it's a done deal. It's all about style and they would create a style for every taste. After Richard hears the entire pitch, he absolutely loves it. And he digs his heals in for some real planning, telling the group to cancel their dinner plans because they're all going be there for a while.

When Rory gets home, she finds out that Dean has been calling all afternoon. Oh boy. Just then the phone rings, but it's Richard. He wants to move the business-fair meetings to his house because it will be more comfortable with infinitely better snacks. See, Lorelai was right. Richard is really enjoying being the parent advisor. Then, Rory clears the answering machine of Dean's messages. There are ten in all, and each one gets more pathetic than the next. This is a bad sign. This boy needs a hard lesson in love. Rory doesn't like what's happening between them, but Lorelai explains that all relationships go through a rough patch and she should ride it out and see what happens.

The group arrives at Richard's house only to discover that Paris is already there. It looks like Richard and Paris are cut from the same cloth. They've prepared a fancy board room to have their first official meeting of the Style-Aid Kit. Rory takes her place at the head of the table, and Paris informs the group of their latest development. She shows everyone the actual product, which includes a deluxe edition. Everything is going so well. They have a great product, and Richard is smiling for the first time in a while.

When Lorelai arrives home later, she discovers Dean hard at work washing Rory's car. Oh dear. Lorelai invites Dean in for a soda and a little lecture on his over-eager attitude. She gives him a little advice. Maybe he shouldn't try so hard or hold on too hard to Rory. The best thing to do is give Rory some space. Let her come to Dean for a change. Dean is slightly suspicious, but is grateful for the advice. He agrees to back off a little.

At the Friday night dinner, Richard announces that his experience with Rory's group has made him realize that he doesn't like being retired. He has decided to go back to work. He will go into business for himself. Maybe he'll consult or teach. Who knows? But all he knows is that he hasn't felt this good in a long time. And he owes it all to Rory. On the way home, Rory gets a page from Dean. But wait. It's the only page Rory's gotten from him in two days. However, when Lorelai suggest Rory use her cell to call him back, Rory declines. She's hanging out with Lane later anyway. They're going to listen to CDs, maybe head over to Luke's. Lorelai doesn't understand why they would go to Luke's. She's clearly worried about the possibility of Rory hanging out with Jess but won't come right out and say it. She drops off Rory at Lane's place and heads home, only to find Dean on their porch. He looks up at Lorelai and says, "She likes Jess, doesn't she?" It just about breaks Lorelai's heart to hear him say it, but Lorelai can't deny it and just watches Dean walk off into the night.

Dead Uncles and Vegetables ...

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The phone is ringing at Lorelai's house. She rushes down the stairs to get it. The answering machine picks up before she can. This is a good thing, as it turns out, because it's Emily calling. Once she realizes she's gotten the machine, Emily criticizes the message, says she doesn't want to talk to a machine, and hangs up. She calls back and reminds Lorelai that her DAR meeting is on Tuesday. She calls back a third time and reiterates that Lorelai's phone message is annoying. Throughout this scene, Lorelai has been talking to her mother as though she were there.
At the Independence Inn, Emily is sitting at a table tasting soups while Lorelai and Sookie look on. Apparently it takes three tastes to make a decision about a soup. While Emily tastes the soup, Sookie and Lorelai talk about Sookie's wedding. Lorelai is going to design and make the bridesmaids dresses. Michel comes in and tells Lorelai that Luke is on the phone. She leaves to go talk to him.
While Lorelai's gone, Emily talks to Sookie about her wedding. Upon hearing that she's probably going to have something playing off a CD for the ceremony, Emily points out all of minuses to this plan and tells Sookie to think about having live music, possibly a string quartet, instead. Sookie mulls it over.
At the front desk, Lorelai picks up the phone to talk to Luke. After beating around the bush for a while, he tells her that he needs nine rooms for some family that's coming. His Uncle Louie died last night and Luke's arranging the funeral. Lorelai feels sorry for Luke and asks if there's anything she can do to help.
In Stars Hollow, Rory and Lorelai walk down the street and talk about Luke and his uncle. Lorelai can't tell if Luke was shaken by his uncle's death, and points out that he's rather unflappable. They go inside the diner and see Luke on the phone while several customers try to get his attention. He's clearly flapped. Lorelai and Rory grab plates and give them to their impatient owners. Lorelai brews some coffee while Rory goes upstairs to get Jess. She makes him come downstairs, now, although Jess is in the middle of "I Dream of Jeannie".
Downstairs, Luke is on hold with the morturary in Florida where Uncle Louie is at. Louie spent most of his life in Stars Hollow but retired to Orlanda. Luke's dad had wanted Louie to have a nice funeral and be buried next to him, so he put Luke in charge of looking after Louie's funeral. The town Revolutionary War reenactors will even be attending the service and doing their salute thing. It's what Luke's dad wanted. Finally Luke is able to talk to someone on the phone. They're shipping Louie up to Hartford. Luke says he'd better close up the diner and go pick out a coffin, but Lorelai tells him that he's covered.
At Doose's Market, a lady asks Taylor if he has any Brussels sprouts. Upon finding that he has none, she replies that she'll just check across the street. Taylor goes outside to see what she means by this comment. Across the street is a farmer's market, run by the "long-haired freak that wanted to be town troubadour even though that weird brown-corduroy-jacket-wearing freak was already it". The proprietor of te farmer's market is impressed by Taylor's good memory and gives him a hug. Taylor is sure that there must some mistake. The proprietor assures him that there isn't. Taylor is shocked to see several people, including Miss Patty, buying beautiful vegetables and amazing prices from this man.
At the Inn, Michel asks Lorelai if the nine rooms (without name or credit card information) set aside is a mistake. She tells him that it's a personal thing for Luke. Lorelai then sees Emily come in. She asks what she's doing here, and Emily tells her that she's here to see Sookie.
In the dining room, the tables are set with fancy place settings and flowers. Lorelai is amazed; where did all of this come from? Sookie tells Lorelai that it's for her wedding. She explains that Emily set her up with a company's sample place setting. Lorelai thought that Sookie was going to keep it simple. Sookie tells Lorelai that this is all free and she's not committed to anything. Lorelai tells Sookie that to be careful; she's entered Emilyland. Emilyland is an upside down world where the Horchow House is considered low-rent and diamonds less than twenty-four carats are Cracker Jack trinkets and Bentleys are for losers who can't afford a Rolls. Sookie tells Lorelai that she's okay, really, and Lorelai leaves to go help Luke with the lunch rush. Emily picks up a glass and is shocked to find a fingerprint.
Rory walks into the diner. Taylor is sitting at a table mumbling about turnips and Lorelai is taking orders. She's thrilled at the "diner lingo" she's learning and convinces some customers to change their orders to fit with her new phrases. Taylor is looking out the window and is shocked to see Babette and Miss Patty buying vegetables and fruit.
The proprietor of the farmer's market enters the diner. He understands Lorelai's diner lingo and orders a hot blonde with sand with its foot out the door. He talks about how the icy weather hasn't kept customers away, and lots of people are sure to be eating vegetable soup this night. He notices Taylor and asks how he can afford to take a break if he's anywhere near as busy as he is. Kirk says that Taylor's market is dead and he thought it was closed until he saw one of the workers inside reading a tabloid. Taylor tells Kirk to shut up.
Lorelai goes upstairs to Luke's apartment and brings him some food. Luke is bummed because none of the relatives he invited are coming. They all gave lame excuses. He's especially mad because his father wanted Louie's funeral to be nice.
Rory comes upstairs and says that Jackson is outside and walks to talk to Lorelai about something important. She leaves to go see him. Rory asks Luke where Jess is. Upon finding out that he's probably playing basketball or something, she calls him a punk.
Lorelai goes outside to where Jackson is standing. He says that their nice, simple, affordable wedding is gone. He points to Sookie and Emily, who are measuring the town. They're planning on moving the gazebo in order to accomodate the sixteen-piece orchestra. Lorelai says that she'll take care of this; Sookie's just brainwashed. Rory walks by, pulling Jess behind her.
Lorelai and Rory walk into the town meeting and sit down next to Luke and Jess. Taylor takes the stand to talk about a personal matter -- the vegetable stand. The proprietor is able to produce his permit, but Taylor tries to discredit it. Everyone agrees that he's losing his marbles and the meeting should end. Miss Patty adjourns the meeting, and Luke goes chasing after Taylor.
Outside, Luke runs over to Taylor and the other reenactors. He asks them why none of them have called him back about being at Louie's funeral the next day. They finally admit that they don't want to go to Louie's funeral; they all hated him. He kicked Kirk's dog, he hit on Sy's wife, he never went to town functions, he threw rocks and small tools at the reenactors. He got meaner and more of a loner as he got older. Luke has heard enough. He threatens to throw rocks and small tools at them himself, and then leaves. The reenactors say that he's a defensive hothead just like Louie; a practical clone.
In the Independence Inn kitchen, Sookie is sitting at the computer downloading crazy wedding stuff from Prague. Lorelai comes in and tries to talk her back from Emilyland. Emily is getting Sookie fifty percent off everything, but Lorelai points out that fifty percent off a load of money is still a half a load of money. After she mentions how Jackson feels about this, Sookie realizes how silly it all is. She decides to call around and start cancelling everything she'd ordered for this. Lorelai's cell phone rings. It's Luke and he's frantic. She promises him that she'll be right over.
At the funeral home, Luke is waiting near a casket when Lorelai walks in. The casket won't close because all of the stuff Louie requested be buried with him. Lorelai tries to think of some solutions but fails. Luke finally snaps. He can't deal with this anymore; the man was a jerk, mean and rotten in life as well as death and doesn't deserve Luke's help or respect. Luke tells the funeral director to just dig a big hole and just dump the casket in unlatched. If stuff falls out, fine, just pile on enough dirt and make sure nothing's showing. He leaves.
At the diner, Jess is walking around refilling coffees when Luke walks in. Lorelai is relieved. Luke said that he walked around Hartford and decided that dumping Louie's body in an open grave with all his stuff would be a little cold, so he called a Big and Tall casket shop and found a casket that will fit Louie and all of his stuff. Emily walks in and Lorelai tells Luke to retreat upstairs.
Emily tells Lorelai that she went to see Sookie about some wedding things, and she fired her. She's convinced that Lorelai is behind all of this. Lorelai reminds her that Sookie and Jackson are not wealthy; they're saving for a home and Emily's crazy wedding plans were in the middle of it all. Lorelai wants to get at the real reason Emily was so gung-ho about planning Sookie's wedding: Emily never got to plan Lorelai's wedding so she was trying to make up for lost time with Sookie. Emily says that she gave up on planning Lorelai's wedding long ago. It had a Russian Romanov theme, which wouldn't be appropriate anymore seeing as she's probably standing in the reception hall. Lorelai is confused. Emily says that she's talking about Luke. Lorelai's with him constantly, she brings up his name constantly, he calls and Lorelai runs to his side. Luke comes downstairs and walks over to them. Emily asks him what he thinks about the Romanovs. "A match made in heaven," she says after hearing his answer.
Lorelai and Luke are alone at the cemetary while the Reverend gives his service. Luke is still bitter and Lorelai has to keep hushing him. Luke asks Lorelai if that's him in there; is what Taylor said about him being just like Louie true? Lorelai reminds Luke of all the nice things he's done for people. Suddenly they hear drumming. The reenactors have arrived.
Luke and Lorelai walk towards the diner, discussing whether or not Luke's dad would be able to kick Louie while in heaven. The diner is packed and full of food; it's sort of a wake for Louie. Luke and Lorelai are confused; neither of them did this and neither did Rory. Lorelai says that this is probably for Luke. The townspeople may not have liked Louie but they sure like Luke.
The farmer's market propreitor comes up to Taylor, who's eating some vegetables. Taylor is amazed to hear that the proprietor's vegetable stand is gone. Turns out he just grew the vegetables in his back yard and sold out yesterday. Taylor asks him why he put him through all of the hoohah at the town meeting if the stand was just temporary. The proprietor tells him that he put himself through it.
Rory walks up to Jess and congratulates him on doing this. He denies any part in it besides unlocking the door, but Rory tells him that even that small contribution makes him an official part of the town now.
At a nearby table, people are sharing stories about Louie. Lorelai is sorry that she never met him. Luke admits that he was colorful.

There's the Rub ...

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We open at Luke's, where all hell is breaking loose while he completes renovations on his apartment upstairs. The ceiling is falling through and drywall is ending up in the customers' breakfasts. And that's just the beginning. We all know that a construction job is never ever finished on time. Meanwhile, Emily calls Lorelai and offers her a gift certificate for a weekend spa getaway. Emily won in it a charity auction and doesn't want it. That is, until Lorelai makes it sound so good and gets so excited about getting pampered that Emily decides she'll go too. So much for relaxation!

In order to make the trip bearable, Lorelai schedules all her treatments in such a way so that she'll only have to have dinner with Emily. Rory thinks her mom is being rude, but Lorelai knows it's the only way to survive the weekend. And what about Rory, what is she going to do? Throw a big bash while her mom's away? Yeah, right. Good girl Rory plans on doing laundry, ordering in Indian food and going to bed early. Lorelai is outraged and practically orders Rory to do something deviant. When Emily arrives to pick up Lorelai, she arrives in a chauffeured limo. Lorelai can barely stand it, but it looks like she has no choice.

At Chilton that day, Paris is having yet another meltdown. This time she's freaking in Chemistry class (she got an A- on a paper! It's the terrible "minus" sign.) and desperately wants to find a study partner. The problem is, that it's Friday night, so Madeline and Louise are definitely not available. That leaves poor Rory. Even though Paris fully believes her chances of getting into Harvard are in jeopardy, and even though Paris begs Rory for help, it's a no go. Rory apologizes for not being able to help her tonight and then promises she'll help Paris every day the week before the final.

Meanwhile, Emily and Lorelai arrive at the spa and it's just delightful. Emily loves it immediately while Lorelai is finding it difficult to fully relax and is preparing herself for having a bad time. The fact that the spa doesn't have coffee (nothing with caffeine, in fact) means that Lorelai is not off to a good start. What is she going to do without her necessary jolt of java? If that's not bad enough, Emily called ahead and made sure that all of their spa treatments were done together. So, all of Lorelai's careful planning has been thrown right out the window. It's bonding time!

Back in Stars Hollow, Rory and Dean are in a serious lip lock but things are about to go sour. When Dean suggests that he pay a little visit to the Gilmore house since Lorelai is out of town, he is shut down. Rory explains that she really wants to spend the night alone so she can do laundry and eat Indian food. Dean is visibly upset that he's being dissed for the washer and dryer but finally understands that it's what Rory wants to do because she never gets the house to herself. He is such an understanding boyfriend, but maybe he shouldn't be. Rory does say that Saturday is all about Dean, which makes him feel a little better. He claims that he's not mad, a little confused, but not mad.

As for Lorelai, she's getting more disturbed by the minute. She discovers that Emily booked them adjoining rooms so they don't have to go into the hallway to talk to each other. Before they head for their first spa treatment, Emily badgers Lorelai into putting on the spa robe, even though she'd rather wear her own clothes. Emily is bound and determined to enjoy this spa weekend, while it seems that Lorelai is bound and determined not to enjoy it. The next time we see Lorelai, she is all pampered and relaxed. But that's because she's in a room all by herself. When Emily comes in to talk about their next treatment, Lorelai looks like she's going to have a breakdown. Emily just won't stop talking! When the two of them get massages, Lorelai freaks out. Emily signed them up for a couple's massage, a massage usually reserved for a romantic situation. Lorelai just wants to be alone for some of the treatments. Is that so wrong? Apparently it is. Emily is fed up with Lorelai's sulking and sighing. She shouldn't be wasting all her relaxation time acting like a petulant four-year-old. Lorelai apologizes and promises to be more relaxed.

Later that night, Lorelai calls Rory to see what's going on. Nothing at all. Rory is ordering food and sorting clothes. Lorelai wants to complain about her weekend, but Rory cuts her off so she can answer the door. Who could that be? It's Paris. She's having a breakdown and says she tried to stay home, but she doesn't know what anything means anymore. She can't even read her own handwriting. When she finishes ranting and raving, Paris realizes that Rory's big night involved just a lot of laundry. She's insulted and tries to leave. Feeling badly, Rory lets her stay and study, but for just one hour.

Lorelai and Emily are getting ready for dinner, and, dare we say it, bonding a bit. Lorelai compliments Emily on her dress and Emily likes Lorelai's lipstick. However, when the girls take a look at the dinner menu, they are horrified. There's just a lot of steamed stuff and tofu. Yuck. Lorelai suggest they get the hell out of dodge, find a restaurant, and get a big steak. Emily is ready, and it's a momentous occasion because mother and daughter have finally agreed on something.

While Rory is helping Paris study, there's another knock at the door. She thinks it's her Indian food, but it's not. It's Jess. Apparently, Luke was worried that Rory would have no food in the house so he sent over a care package. Rory reluctantly lets Jess in and waits for him to leave. But he doesn't. He wanted to get out of the construction mess for a while and starts making himself comfortable. (Which, in turn, makes Rory really uncomfortable.) When it seems that Jess is going to stay and eat with Rory, she invites Paris to stay and hang out. While Paris makes a call, Jess accuses Rory of asking Paris to stay because he thinks that Rory thinks they need a chaperone. Rory denies it up and down, but we think she really is afraid of being alone with Jess.

At the restaurant, there is an hour wait, so Lorelai suggest they eat at the bar. Emily's never done that but, why not? The girls saddle up to the bar, order some martinis and ask for a menu. They drink, they chat and actually have a good time. Then, Lorelai points out that a silver-haired fox is totally checking out Emily. This could get interesting.

Back at Rory's, the three of them are having a healthy disagreement about Kerouac and Bukowski while downing chow. It seems that Jess can hold his own when it comes to talking about literature, and Paris loves learning about the best way to eat fries. It's all good until Dean calls and announces he's making a brief visit. Rory tries her best to dissuade him (Dean will freak if he finds Jess there) but it's not happening. Dean is on his way. So, Rory tries to do some damage control and get Jess out of there. Jess knows the score and teases Rory about the whole thing. But Rory really needs him to leave and asks, as a friend, if he'll do it. He agrees, but he doesn't agree quickly enough because as Rory is pushing Jess out of the house, Dean walks up and sees the whole thing.

Rory immediately explains, saying Jess just stopped by to drop off food, but her frantic tone makes her seem oh-so guilty. And Jess, of course, just antagonizes Dean until he looks like he's going to blow. Once Jess bails, Dean walks into the kitchen and sees that there's been a feast going on for quite some time. He starts yelling, and Rory doesn't know what to say. The fight escalates until Paris stands up and lies for Rory. She says that she wanted Jess to come over because she has a crush on him. And Rory set the whole thing up. Paris leaves immediately after weaving this large lie, and Dean asks Rory if it's all true. Rory says yes, and Dean says that he believes her. If Rory says it's true, then it must be true. But there's something in Dean's eyes that says he knows Rory is lying to him and he decides to leave. And when Rory kisses him goodnight, Dean doesn't look like he wants to kiss her back.

Rory is so thankful that Paris helped her out that she asks Paris to stay the night and have a little slumber party. Paris is surprised but touched. Rory might be the first real friend she's ever had.

As dinner progresses for Emily and Lorelai, they start having a really great time. Then, the silver-haired fox, Chad, approaches and tells the girls they look like they're having more fun than anyone else in the place. He tries to charm Emily and ask her to dance, but she refuses. Lorelai encourages her mom to do it, so she does. And Lorelai has a ball watching her mom dance with a stranger. When the dance gets a little too close for comfort, Emily bails and freaks out because she thinks she's cheating on Richard. Lorelai tries to calm down her mom, but Emily is convinced that Lorelai has forced her to engage in inappropriate behavior. She's acting just like the old Emily, and Lorelai doesn't understand what the big deal is. Emily has got to let her guard down every once in a while if she and Lorelai are going to have a good relationship. Well, if Emily has any say in the matter, that's just not going to happen. They decide to leave the spa early.

Up in the room, Emily asks Lorelai why their relationship isn't like the one between Lorelai and Rory. And the hard truth is that Rory and Lorelai are best friends first and mother/daughter second, while Lorelai and Emily are mother/daughter all the time. Emily bemoans the fact that she wasn't able to be her daughter's friend because she decided to be a mother, a protector, a role model, Emily sacrificed a real relationship with her daughter. On the other hand, just because a weekend at a spa didn't work out doesn't mean that Lorelai and Emily can't try to build a better relationship. They just have to start small. And the way to start small is to steal the spa robes. (That's Lorelai's solution.) Emily loves the robe and it will be symbolic of their trip together. Despite Emily's protests, Lorelai puts her robe in her bag and dares her mom to do the same. And she does.

At Luke's the next morning, Rory and Lorelai have a little pow-wow and trade stories about their weekend. Afterwards, Rory goes to thank Luke for the care package. But guess what? He doesn't know anything about it. Ah ha! She confronts Jess about his big, fat lie, but he denies everything. As they talk at the counter, Lorelai walks outside and sees Dean. He's watching Rory and Jess talk, so Lorelai tries to make him feel better by saying that Rory is really sorry about what happened last night. Unfortunately, Lorelai knows the truth and doesn't know Dean has been lied to. She spills the beans, saying it was all a big misunderstanding. All Dean can say in response is: "Rory wouldn't lie." And nothing could be further from the truth.

Lost and Found ...

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Rory and Lorelai are walking through town on their way to Luke's for a big breakfast while having their usual mother/daughter witty banter. It seems that Lorelai tried to fix something herself. What was she thinking? It turns out, that while she was using a ladder, she ended up cutting her hand. In normal overdramatic fashion, Lorelai believes that she either has gangrene or that she's been infected with an extra-terrestrial substance that has given her super powers. Rory humors her mom and tells her that they'll pick out her cape after breakfast.

As they sit down to chow, they are horrified to see that Luke is not cooking this morning. The substitute chef, Caesar, is handling the breakfast crowd and that's not good. (His pancakes suck.) So, Lorelai runs upstairs to see if Luke will cook up some breakfast. One look inside Luke's apartment, though, and it's clear there will be no pancakes today. Luke is up to his ears in junk. Or more specifically, Jess's junk. His mom has shipped the rest of Jess's stuff and it's created total chaos. Lorelai is sympathetic but because she has had a near-death experience trying to clean her rain gutter, she will not settle for anything but Luke's special fluffy pancakes. Suddenly, Jess emerges from the bathroom (he was in there for two hours), gives Luke some lip and promptly leaves.

Later that night, Lorelai announces that she's finally ready to get a tattoo. And what's it going be? "Mel Brooks." What?! Lorelai believes Brooks is a legend and totally deserves a spot on her butt. When the girls spot Luke sitting solo in the diner, Lorelai sends Rory to grab some ice cream while she goes to see what's going on. Turns out, Luke is downstairs because Jess is upstairs blasting his stereo and Luke just needed to grab some peace and quiet. Lorelai suggests that it's time to get a bigger apartment. The place upstairs used to be Luke's father's office, so it was never meant to be lived in. Even by one person. Luke says that everything is okay, but he's in denial. Before Lorelai leaves, Luke asks her if Jess could earn some extra cash by cleaning out her rain gutters. She hesitates, lies about the fact that she's already contacted some other people about doing it (this is all said in front of Rory, who knows her mom is lying like a rug), but then says if those other folks fall through, she will consider Jess.

On the way home, Rory gives her mom a hard time about Jess. She thinks Lorelai should give Jess a chance. Lorelai doesn't like Jess and that's the honest truth. Rory claims that her mom doesn't know the real Jess. Maybe so, but that doesn't change the fact that whoever Jess is pretending to be is pretty crummy and undesirable. Rory won't give up though and brings up the fact that Lorelai didn't even like Luke at first. Eventually, she warmed up to him and now they're friends. Lorelai starts to become suspicious about Rory's insistence on giving Jess a chance and starts giving Rory the third degree about her motives. Why is liking Jess so important? Rory makes up some story about everyone getting along, but Lorelai isn't buying it.

Back at Luke's, he finally goes upstairs and finds Jess sound asleep amid a total mess. He starts to clean up and then loses it completely. He can't stand living there anymore. So, tomorrow they will get up early and go apartment hunting. End of story! In the morning, Luke and Jess pound the pavement but can't seem to agree on anything they look at. Luke has three more places to see, but Jess needs to bail. Seems he's cleaning Lorelai's rain gutters after all.

At Lorelai's, Rory welcomes Jess into their house. They chat briefly at the door until Jess asks Rory if she changed her hair. This comment comes out of nowhere and makes Rory visibly uncomfortable in a way that makes us think she definitely likes Jess. And he so obviously likes her. Otherwise, why would he have noticed her hair? Lorelai interrupts the two flirts and, after a few awkward exchanges (during which Jess can hardly manage to put two words together), puts him to work. Outside, Rory confronts Jess about his complete lack of verbal skills when it comes time to talk to Lorelai. After all, Rory went out on a limb for Jess, so the least he could do is try to make polite conversation with her mom. Jess remains indifferent to this whole tirade. Why should he try to be nice to Lorelai? What difference does it make? Rory makes the mistake of saying that if Jess cared about Rory at all, he would make an effort. She walked right into that one! Jess is quick to ask why Rory believes that he cares about her. Rory tries to back track but the damage is done. Although, to give Jess a little credit, he doesn't make Rory feel bad about what she said. In fact, he offers to try to get along with Lorelai. He can't promise it will work, but he'll try.

Meanwhile, Rory meets up with Dean at a book fair, but totally annoys him when she spends two hours browsing for books. It's not exactly his idea of a good time. She agrees to stop and do something else, but things go from bad to worse between them when Dean suggests they go see Lord of the Rings again. Rory seems indifferent but agrees to go. Dean picks up on her attitude and they continue to bicker. Things are not going well for the happy couple. When Rory goes to pay for her books, Dean notices that she's not wearing the bracelet he made her. Rory gets a bit nervous and then lies about taking it off because of a rash she got on her wrist. She knows she lost it, but just can't admit that to Dean right now. And we know exactly when she lost it (the picnic lunch with Jess) and exactly where it is right now.

At home, Lorelai is about to munch on leftover Chinese food and decides to be nice and offer some to Jess. He says no at first, but then changes his mind. He did say he would try and make an effort to get along with Lorelai.

Inside, Lorelai offers up every chicken dish from the local Chinese food joint and then tries to make conversation. Jess actually talks this time around and shows a bit of his personality that Rory seems to like so much. Suddenly, Rory bursts in and announces that she lost the bracelet Dean made her. Jess listens from the kitchen while Lorelai tries to calm down Rory. What if it's really lost? Dean will be so upset! Lorelai goes off to work, leaving Rory in a panic and Jess loving every minute of this.

Later, Luke calls Lorelai and he's having a little panic attack himself. He can't find a place to live and it's driving him crazy. He needs her help, now! So she heads off and looks at a really nice place with Luke in town. The broker assumes that Luke and Lorelai are husband and wife, and Lorelai plays right along with the gag. Luke freaks out from embarrassment but then calms down when Lorelai tries to convince Luke to take this place. But then Luke comes up with all these excuses not to take it. It's a two-year lease and Jess will be heading to college in a year anyway. It's clear that Luke is having issues with the move. But why? After all, even if Jess leaves, Luke might meet a woman one day and it will be good to have a nice apartment. How else will he get lucky? Lorelai gives a don't-be-so-pathetic speech to Luke, hoping he'll take the apartment because it will give his life more possibilities. Reluctantly, Luke agrees and takes the place. But he throws another tantrum when he discovers that if he takes the place, Taylor will be his landlord and that is just too much to take. Luke will not be moving after all. He might, however, have an aneurysm.

At home, Lorelai finds that Jess is still there, and what's worse, he was coming out of Rory's room. Lorelai confronts him on it and Jess says he was looking at Rory's books. Want to make a bet that he was returning Rory's bracelet? Anyway, Lorelai doesn't give Jess a hard time, but the look on her face says she doesn't trust this kid as far as she could throw him. When Rory arrives home looking all dejected, Jess tries to comfort her but does a lousy job. He can't understand why it was such a big deal. Rory's upset because she thinks Dean will read something into it because things between them haven't been that great. Jess tells her to keep looking because things you lose are usually right in front of your face. Rory goes inside to look again. And, surprise surprise, she finds it right under the bed! Rory is so psyched and runs off to tell Lane.

Lorelai, however, has a bone to pick with Jess. She pays him for his work, but then accuses him of having had the bracelet all along. He denies it of course, but Lorelai is too smart and too quick for this boy. Jess thinks Lorelai is being ridiculous, but she knows the truth and thinks it was a pretty crappy thing to do. Rory is the only one in this town who is nice to Jess and you'd think he would try to treat her with more respect. Besides, if he's jealous of Rory and Dean, he's not going about this in a very smart way. Taking that bracelet didn't hurt Dean, it hurt Rory. When Lorelai makes a comment about how precious that bracelet is to Rory, Jess is quick to point out that it took her a full two weeks to notice it was gone. Jess just totally incriminated himself by the way, but Lorelai is so disgusted she just tells him to get lost.

Lorelai goes inside to take a breather, but is interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Luke and he's clearly gone completely crazy because he announces that he just spent $100,000 and it's all Lorelai's fault. Luke explains the whole Taylor landlord thing and how Taylor is single handedly buying up all these buildings in Stars Hollow, including the one right next door to Luke's. Because he couldn't stand the thought of Taylor owing the building next door, Luke bought it before Taylor had the chance. Lorelai thinks it's a good idea and, while radical, will be beneficial to Luke in the long run. He just has to calm down and accept the whole idea. He sits down for some tea, and Lorelai starts asking him about Jess and whether or not he talks about Rory. In other words, is there something going on between them? Luke has no idea. Jess doesn't really confide in Luke. But if there were something going on, Luke thinks it would be great. Rory would be really good for Jess. But Jess would be really bad for Rory.

When Luke gets home, he takes an ax and starts to break down the wall that leads into the building next door. He hands Jess the ax and tells him that that will be his room. Looks like Luke is finally back to his old self.

It Should Have Been Lorelai ...

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Rory and Lorelai arrive at Luke's only to find it is absolutely empty. Wow, this has never happened before and now they can sit anywhere they want. So, they consider sitting at opposite ends of the counter so they can play bagel hockey. Luke puts the kibosh on that so the girls settle for a table with a view to discuss Rory's debate at Chilton about doctor-assisted suicide. Ooh, sounds like fun! Suddenly, Rory gets a call from Lane, who has been held hostage by her mother. She's holed up in her house, sneaking calls to Rory (who she spotted entering Luke's diner with her binoculars) and, horror of horrors, can't even go to school for two weeks so her mom can tutor her at home. This is out of control!

That night, Rory and Lorelai have their TV watching interrupted by a neurotic Paris (is there any other kind), who demands that they need more preparation for the debate on Friday. Paris is on a rampage because, get this, Rory is not maximizing her WPM, or words per minute. Rory tries to argue that word speed is not the only thing that matters. After all, a well-placed dramatic pause can be quite useful in a debate. But it's no use. Paris insists on more practice, so Rory obeys. Suddenly, Rory gets a call from her dad, Christopher. Seems he's in town on business and might just drop in to see her upcoming debate.

The next afternoon, Rory is walking nonchalantly through town after school when she passes a ringing pay phone. She stops, turns around and answers it. Guess who? It's Lane, still trapped in her mom's house and in desperate need for help. Rory has just got to buy the latest Belle and Sebastian single, which comes out today. Lane has to have this single, and Rory has got to find a way to get it to Lane.

On debate night, Paris is letting everyone have it because the acoustics in the room are not up to her standards. Lorelai and Sookie arrive, find their seats and promptly look for Christopher, who has yet to arrive. The debate begins with Rory doing the opening statements. As she speaks, Christopher finally shows and brings his latest love with him. Lorelai looks visibly uncomfortable. Why did he have to bring her? When the debate ends (Paris and Rory win of course), Lorelai will get the chance to get a good look at Christopher's new girl, Sherry. She does, and they all have a bit of awkward conversation until Rory arrives and it gets even more awkward. Sherry is totally excited to see Rory, it's like she's meeting a celebrity. Rory feels weird, and Lorelai takes an opportunity to sneak away with Rory in tow for a little pow wow.

Together they concoct a game plan, which involved inviting Christopher and Sherry back to their house, even though it's a mess. Before Rory leaves, Paris asks her to stay and look over their debate transcripts. However, Rory has to bail on this little plan, making Paris completely upset. She implies that Rory doesn't want to celebrate (that's what Paris considers celebrating? Going over transcripts?) and then storms off in a huff.

At home, the foursome sits on the couch and makes small talk, which gets strained when Sherry doesn't get one of Lorelai's jokes. This is a very bad sign. Sherry is clearly trying way too hard to be Rory's friend. It's a little much. When Lorelai gets up to get drinks, Sherry follows her into the kitchen. The women talk about how awkward this whole thing is, well, Sherry does most of the talking. Namely, she tells Lorelai that number one: she and Lorelai don't have to be friends or even like each other for that matter and, number two: Sherry really wants to get to know Rory. Because things are heating up between Sherry and Christopher, and Rory is so important to him. Whoa! This is getting a bit serious. Sherry needs to back off! Lorelai is very patient listening to Sherry, but you can tell she's not grooving on Sherry at all.

Then, Sherry pushes the issue even further and asks if she can hang out with Rory that night. Lorelai says it's not a good idea since they have dinner with her parents every Friday. But Sherry, who seems to know a whole heck of a lot about Lorelai and Rory's life, says she knows that the Friday night dinner, while important, can be put off if something more important comes up. And Sherry obviously thinks her getting to know Rory is a priority. Lorelai reluctantly agrees. As long as Rory wants to go, it's all good. Rory, being the nice person she always is, agrees to go, leaving Lorelai and Christopher to attend the Friday night dinner together. Well, this should be interesting.

Before Rory goes out with Sherry, she gets a call from Lane. Apparently, Rory got the CD she wanted, but the drop-off time has changed. Rory says it's no problem and then tells Lane about her crazy plans. Lane wants to know everything but has about eleven seconds to talk, so it's a no go. After Sherry and Rory leave, Lorelai asks Christopher why he didn't mention that Sherry was with him when he first called to say he was in town. Christopher plays like he just forgot, but Lorelai thinks he may have been trying to hide the fact. He denies any manipulative behavior on his part and the subject is dropped. See, Christopher wants to know what Lorelai thinks of Sherry. Sherry apparently said she and Lorelai has this great talk in the kitchen, but it's clear from Lorelai's face that the feeling is not at all mutual.

Lorelai tells Christopher the part about her and Sherry never having to be friends etc., and Christopher looks confused. Sherry conveniently did not mention that part of the exchange. Christopher thinks it's harmless, but Lorelai wants to make it abundantly clear that if Sherry is in Rory's life, then she is in Lorelai's life too. You don't get one without the other. But this conversation isn't over yet. Christopher wasn't very happy when Lorelai got engaged to Max and he wasn't a part of that equation at all. Lorelai acknowledges that fact but assures Christopher that had she gotten married, he would have been part of the equation eventually. If that is the case, then, Lorelai must also trust that Christopher would make sure Lorelai is part of his equation. Trust is a two-way street after all.

With Rory and Sherry out shopping, Lorelai and Christopher arrive alone for the annual Friday night dinner, and Emily wants to know where Rory is. Lorelai avoids the question for a little bit, but we all know she can't avoid it forever. Christopher drops the bomb about Sherry and Rory being out together, and Emily isn't at all pleased about the change of plans or the fact that Christopher has a girlfriend. Emily starts asking all sorts of questions, like are Christopher and Sherry going to start a family? He bought a Volvo after all, so that must mean something. Are they living together? Yes, in fact, they are. Emily does not like these answers at all. And then she blurts out that Rory should never miss their dinners unless of sickness or another emergency. Seeing Sherry should not take priority! Lorelai tries to calm down Emily and make Christopher feel more comfortable. It doesn't really work, though, and Emily storms off to the kitchen.

Lorelai follows her mom into the kitchen and they discuss the issue at hand. Emily is worried that Rory won't be around as if Sherry has anything to do with it. She's also upset because somewhere in the back of Emily's mind, she has pictured Lorelai and Christopher getting back together so Rory could have both her parents. It's upsetting that now that Christopher finally has his life together and it is Sherry who gets to reap the benefits. Shouldn't Lorelai be heartbroken? Emily certainly is! Then, she turns the whole thing around and blames Lorelai. If she hadn't kept Christopher at arms length all these years, then maybe Lorelai would've been the woman who Christopher married once he got his life in order. Oh, great. Now this is all Lorelai's fault! Leave it to Emily to make her daughter feel bad. Emily demands to know whether or not Lorelai still has feelings for Christopher, but Lorelai says that's irrelevant. She just wants Christopher to be happy. This comment makes Emily sick to her stomach and she bai ls on dinner to lie down by herself in her bedroom. What a disaster.

The next morning, Lorelai and Rory go to Luke's for breakfast and discuss the previous night. Rory gives up the goods on her night. It wasn't awful, it wasn't great, but Rory did learn a lot about Sherry, who is definitely interested in getting married and having children. Lorelai then gives up the goods on her awful night. Because of Emily's tirade, Lorelai asks Rory if she does imagine her and Christopher getting back together. Rory admits that, yeah, sure she does. But it's not a big deal. Every kid who has estranged parents imagines them reuniting. Lorelai wants to talk more, namely should she be in Sherry's shoes, but Rory quickly bails for a second so she can make sure that the CD drop-off plan goes off without a hitch. Apparently, Rory recruited Michel to pose as a jogger and slip it in Lane's bag as she stands with her mom outside Luke's diner. It works, but Michel almost has a heart attack because he's been running around the square for an hour! Anyway, Christopher and Sherry arrive in the diner to s ay goodbye. While Sherry goes off to find Rory, Lorelai and Christopher have a chance to talk one on one.

Lorelai then gives Christopher a big speech about how all this time she's subconsciously sabotaged every relationship she's ever had because, in the back of her mind, she imagined she and Christopher would one day be together once he got his life in order. But now that Lorelai sees that Christopher is happy with Sherry, she can finally move on with her life. Lorelai thinks that Christopher will be happy to hear this, but she's wrong. Christopher gets angry because he believes Lorelai has just blamed him for fifteen years of unhappiness. As if Lorelai's failed engagement with Max was Christopher's fault. Lorelai tries to explain herself better, but it's too late. Christopher takes off in anger and leaves.

A-Tisket, A-Tasket ...

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Stars Hollow is in the middle of their annual "Bid-a-Basket" fundraiser. The way it works is this: women make baskets and men bid on them. Lorelai thinks it's a completely sexist idea, but Rory is totally into it. That's because she's got a cute boy, aka Dean, who will be the highest bidder. Lorelai, on the other hand, might not have any bidders, or one she wants anyway. While Lorelai shops for baskets, she runs into Patty and discovers that Patty carries a picture of Lorelai in her wallet so that she can flash it around to potential men. Lorelai is horrified at this notion, scolds Patty and promptly takes back the picture. Meanwhile, Rory visits Dean at the store and has a little make-out session in one of the aisles. They are rudely interrupted by Jess, who clearly takes much joy in teasing the happy couple. Dean just can't stand the sight of Jess, but Rory thinks Dean should try not to hate him. Dean, however, just can't bring himself to give Jess a second chance.

At the inn, Lorelai is busy working when she gets a package with papers in it handed to her. The papers are, to her horror, pictures and resumes of three men who Patty believes Lorelai should go out with. Lorelai is mortified, especially since one of them has seen Ghostbusters 124 times. While Lorelai leaves to give Patty forty lashes, Jackson is asking Sookie whether or not he should renew his lease. This question is really just code for "let's move in together." However, Sookie is totally clueless. She thinks Jackson is speaking literally. So, she tells him to renew his lease. Jackson is utterly disappointed and it shows on his sad, sad face.

At the big Bid-a-Basket day, Lane is totally psyched because she's arranged to have her very first date with Henry. Of course, she's lying to her mom but it's all going to be worth it. As Lane's elaborate plan is put into motion (which involves using her cousin as a decoy), Rory's basket is put on the auction block. While Rory assumes that Dean will be the highest bidder, a sudden war breaks out between Dean and Jess. They are going head to head to have lunch with Rory. Jess drives the price up to $90 and Dean is totally pissed because he doesn't have any more money.

Rory is totally flabbergasted and runs to Dean to calm him down. Off in the distance, Jess holds the basket and watches the lovebirds bicker in public. Dean believes that Jess is just doing this to drive him crazy and he's right. What's worse is that Jess fully expects to have lunch with Rory. While Dean thinks this idea is preposterous, Rory is ready to do it. She tells Dean that she has to follow the rules and the rules state that whoever buys your basket gets to have lunch with you as well. Dean can hardly believe what he's hearing. He practically begs Rory not to go. But she does and Dean walks away helpless and hurt.

Speaking of hurt feelings, Sookie is dumbfounded when Jackson doesn't bid on her basket at all. Well, he didn't bid on it because she told him to renew his lease. You'd think Jackson would be straight with Sookie about how he feels and what he wants. He finally comes clean about the fact that he wants to live with Sookie, and she admits that, while she's thought about it, the whole idea scares the crap out of her. She doesn't want Jackson to get sick of her. He swears it will never happen. And then Jackson gives her a big kiss and goes to reclaim Sookie's basket from Kirk, who bought it for $35.

Now it's time for Lorelai's basket to go on the block. When she spies three different men bidding on her basket, she knows immediately that Patty is behind it. There's only one thing to do now. Grab Luke and make him bid on her basket. Luke is reluctant to even participate in this silly tradition, but Lorelai begs and begs. So Luke relents and buys the basket for $52.50. That's pretty darn expensive, considering Lorelai has packed a Pop Tart and Slim Jim lunch. Lorelai doesn't really expect Luke to eat it, does she?

Meanwhile, Rory and Jess stand side by side watching Dean walk away. Jess asks her if she's going after him. She says no. So the only thing to do now is have lunch.

When Jackson goes to collect Sookie's basket from Kirk, he discovers it's going to be a lot harder than he expected. See, Kirk bought the basket so he's keeping it. It's that simple. Jackson offers to pay him for it, but still nothing. Kirk refuses to give it up and feels bullied by Jackson. After all, Kirk doesn't have a girlfriend to make him a basket. It's quite sad. The only thing to make Kirk feel better is if Jackson pays $250 for it. Jackson agrees. Now, that's what we call love.

Speaking of love, Lane's date is becoming a disaster because the pay phone that Henry was supposed to call on doesn't work. So, she runs to borrow Lorelai's cell. She dials his digits and finds Henry on the first ring. Unfortunately, it may be too late to have lunch. Lane tries to make it happen, but ultimately it's just too much work. Henry wants to have a normal relationship, one where he can call her and pick her up and have dates without having to sneak around. Besides, prom is coming up, and Henry wants to go with someone and have a normal time. So, he asked someone else. Lane is so upset, she starts crying immediately. When she gets home, Mrs. Kim is furious because she knows something is fishy with Lane's story about lunch. But Lane is pretty upset too. She lost a great guy because her mother is too controlling. Mrs. Kim sends Lane to her room for the rest of the night.

Jess brings Rory to one of his favorite spots in Stars Hollow to have lunch. Before they chow down, Rory wants to know why Jess did what he did. Jess says he didn't intend to do it, but he couldn't help himself. It was just funny. Well, not to Rory. She doesn't want to fight with her boyfriend. Jess goes to eat Rory's lunch and it's completely inedible. Rory tells Jess that Dean would've eaten it. So, Jess takes a bite of something totally gross. As he's chewing, Rory smiles and says Dean never would've fallen for that.

Meanwhile, Jackson and Sookie share her gourmet basket and talk about their recent decision. Suddenly, Jackson has a change of heart. He decides that living together isn't good enough for him. He wants to get married. Sookie can hardly believe here ears. She is totally shocked but says yes immediately.

Lorelai and Luke are now eating burgers and fries because her lunch is so bad. Luke asks Lorelai who she wanted to buy her basket and she responds by saying nobody in particular. Just someone who might be able to give her some home improvements. That's not very romantic, now is it? But Luke assures Lorelai that someday she'll have some great guy buy her basket. It's a sweet moment that is interrupted by Dean. He's freaking out over the Rory/Jess thing. Lorelai tries to tell Dean that he's got to trust Rory, but it's not Rory he doesn't trust. It's Jess. The guy is bad news. He gets in fights at school and that's when he bothers to show up at all. And it's in Rory's nature to be nice to everyone, that's who she is. Dean thinks Jess will get Rory in trouble. Ultimately, Lorelai tells Dean that he has to back off and trust that Rory won't do anything to hurt him. But that's easier said than done.

Speaking of the unlikely couple, Rory and Jess have abandoned food for books. She thinks he should give Ayn Rand another try while he urges her to cut Ernest Hemingway some slack. Then, Rory wants to know why Jess is so nice to her. He fumbles and tries to avoid the question, suggesting that they go grab a pizza. After a few more tries at getting to the bottom of this lunch, Rory gives up and gets up to go. Jess goes to follow her, but finds a piece of jewelry on the ground (is it the bracelet Dean gave Rory?) and keeps it. Talk about trouble!

When she gets home, Rory is carrying a bag of new books. Lorelai wants to know why she is home so late and who she was with. When she finds out it was Jess, Lorelai looks worried. Why did she get pizza and go book shopping with Jess? Rory defends Jess, saying that Lorelai shouldn't be so quick to judge. Rory is then upset to learn that Lorelai has been talking about this stuff with Dean. She feels like Dean is being totally lame for talking to her mom. And she feels like Lorelai is being unreasonable, especially when Lorelai tells her daughter that she's young and naďve. All of the sudden it seems that Rory has become a stupid girl who will let Jess ruin her life. Rory doesn't any part of this conversation and bails, even though Dean is about to arrive to make peace. Rory doesn't care. If Dean comes by, then he can talk to Lorelai, because he seems to prefer that anyway.

At the Friday night dinner, Emily is forced to chatter on and on by herself because Lorelai and Rory aren't talking. It's totally awkward, and Emily demands to know what's wrong. Suddenly, Rory's cell rings and Lorelai demands to know who it is. She thinks it's Jess, but it's not. It was Dean. With Jess and Dean's names being bantered about, Emily has no idea what's really going on. Rory, annoyed, goes into the library to be by herself. She uses Richard's phone and calls Lane. But Lane doesn't want to talk because she's so upset about Henry. Mrs. Kim tries to talk to her daughter but Lane doesn't want to talk. Too bad. Mrs. Kim busts in and explains that she wants to protect Lane from white boys because they will only hurt her in the end. But Lane reveals that the boy who hurt her is a Korean boy who wants to be a doctor. Mrs. Kim can hardly believe her ears. She would've totally let Lane date Henry if she knew he was Korean. Oh, the humanity!

Meanwhile, Emily thinks Lorelai is doing the right thing by being worried about Rory. She doesn't think Lorelai should back down at all. After all, Rory's judgment can't be trusted. She's a young girl who knows nothing. All of the sudden, Lorelai doesn't like what she's hearing. She doesn't want to be Emily. She trusts Rory's judgment. So, she apologizes for getting a bit spooked. She is still concerned about Jess, but will trust Rory's decision in this matter. She will respect her judgment, as long as Rory promises to be really careful. Fight over.

At home, Rory takes the phone and makes a call in her room. We assume she's calling Dean, but she's not. She calls Jess instead. And he's glad she called because he's reading The Fountainhead and needs help figuring it out. Rory promises that if he sticks it out, she will reward him. He likes that idea and he's going to hold her to that promise.

Richard in Stars Hollow ...

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At the Friday night dinner, Emily doesn't waste any time grilling her daughter about her love life. She wants to know if Lorelai is dating. Then the line of questioning gets worse. Emily wants to know if Lorelai might be single for the rest of her life. Now, this isn't going where you think it's going. See, Emily visited the family mausoleum and realized that there's just enough room for her, Richard, Lorelai and Rory. So if Lorelai meets and marries someone, there'll be no room for him when he dies. Rory interrupts the conversation because it's totally creeping her out. However, Emily refuses to stop, saying that they could get an annex. If Lorelai marries one day, then there will be room. But, and this is a big but, they'd have to move someone into this annex. Ouch. Lorelai and Emily decide Aunt Cecile is the best candidate (she never understood knock, knock jokes), but Rory is unsettled by the thought of removing someone from their eternal resting place. This continues until Richard comes downstairs and, upon hearing the topic at hand, decides that Cecile should be moved. After all, she was a horrible, cold woman who told the worst jokes.

While the family eats a lovely dinner, Richard waxes poetic on the joys of being retired. Every day is a new discovery! When Richard mentions a first edition Flaubert that he discovered, he and Rory run off to the library. This leaves Lorelai with Emily, who looks visibly uncomfortable. See, this retirement thing isn't so swell for Emily. She's not used to it; in fact, she's annoyed by it. Lorelai convinces her mom that after a while Richard will settle into a rhythm and everything will be fine.

At Chilton, Paris is ranting and raving about the Oppenheimer Award for journalism. And of course she wants Chilton to win it. But their paper just isn't good enough. They can't look at other school papers as competition; they have to look to The New York Times for competition. And they have one week to do it. Rory is willing to try but she's convinced that Paris is going to fall dead from a stroke one of these days.

Back with Ma and Pa Gilmore, Richard is being his annoying self by noticing just how many cups of coffee Emily has consumed in one morning. Then, they discuss dinner plans and the conversation just continues on a downward spiral until Richard offers to tag along with Emily on every thing she has to do that day. Everything from her DAR meeting, to the symphony luncheon, to the dry cleaner, and even the hair salon. Before the afternoon turns into a nightmare, Emily tells Richard that he should go to the club. He reluctantly heads out after successfully working Emily's last nerve.

At the video store, Rory and Lorelai decide to have a worst movies of all time film festival that includes Hudson Hawk, Blue Lagoon and Electric Bugaloo. While they rent, Emily calls Lorelai and begs her to take Richard for the whole day. Apparently, Richard wants to join Emily's water aerobic class. He even bought swim trunks. It's officially out of control. Before Emily goes insane, Lorelai agrees to take her dad for a day.

The next day, Lorelai begs Rory to stay home from school because she can't bear to spend the day with her dad alone. Rory just can't do it, though, because of Paris and the whole paper nightmare. So, Rory promises to be home right after school. Until then, however, Lorelai is on her own. Richard takes off his coat, and the silence between them is deafening. It's totally awkward, but Richard tries to put his daughter at ease by saying that she should do what she normally does. So, the two sit down to read the paper. Later, they head to Luke's for breakfast. But Richard already ate breakfast because he gets up at 5:30 every morning. Oh dear, that's got to change! Lorelai orders food but Richard lectures her on the benefits of eating grapefruit. Thus begins their very first fight. To shut him up, Lorelai tells Luke to go next door, buy a grapefruit, come back and serve one to Lorelai.

At Chilton, Paris tells Rory that in order to win this Oppenheimer Award they are going to have to have a human interest story. And Paris knows just what they should do: a story on yuppies who flee the big city for the simple life of a small town but find that small town life isn't so pretty after all. Nothing is perfect, right? So, Paris wants to uncover the seedy underbelly of small town life. The seedy underbelly of Stars Hollow to be exact. Rory tries to tell Paris that Stars Hollow doesn't have a seedy underbelly. They don't even have a parking meter. Paris doesn't care. She's on a mission and she demands that Rory meet her after school and find that seedy underbelly! Rory protests (she's supposed to meet her mom), but Paris can be pretty persuasive, so it looks like Rory and Paris are going to be the Woodward and Bernstein of Stars Hollow.

At the inn later, Lorelai thinks she's getting a break from Richard, but his little tour of Stars Hollow ended a lot sooner than she would've liked. So he arrives at the inn to see Lorelai at work. Great! Richard is quick to criticize Lorelai's outfit (she looks too casual to be in charge), making Lorelai a little more crazy than before. But if she thinks that's bad, then just wait for Rory's phone call. Rory says she is sorry because she can no longer meet her mom and grandpa after school. Paris is forcing her to work on the paper and that's the end of that. Rory swears she will be home by dinner.

Rory and Paris arrive in Stars Hollow and go straight to Luke's diner. Paris immediately starts giving Luke the third degree, asking if his place is a breeding ground for hookers and drug dealers. Luke thinks Paris is insane, but that doesn't mean Paris will stop looking for the underbelly of Stars Hollow. Rory then drags Paris out of there before Luke strangles Paris.

Meanwhile, Lorelai is having problems at the inn - no tablecloths, no towels - and her dad isn't making things any easier. As Richard watches Lorelai work, he continues to criticize her techniques. He thinks she doesn't know how to conduct herself in a position of authority. Lorelai thinks she's going to slit her wrists by the end of the day.

As Paris bemoans the lack of bad stuff in Stars Hollow, Taylor stops Rory and thanks her for saving the town from smut. Huh? Well, when Rory was in the video store with her mom the other night, she noticed young boys looking at a video box that had a half-naked woman on the cover. Rory thought it would be more appropriate if such a video were on a high shelf. But Franklin took her suggestion to a whole new level. He has taken every possible offensive video and put them behind a red curtain. It's now called the Rory curtain. Rory is outraged - this is not what she wanted at all. It is, however, just what Paris is looking for; "censorship in small town America." And, how ironic considering that Rory hates censorship and she is the one who instigated it all.

That night, Lorelai and Richard arrive home and, thankfully, Rory is there too. Rory entertains Richard, giving Lorelai a much needed break. As Lorelai goes to order a bunch of Chinese food, Richard criticizes her again and it's a wonder someone doesn't tell him to shut his trap. Then, Richard starts in on Rory's obsession with Harvard, especially considering he went to Yale and could help her get in there. Before Lorelai and her dad get in a raging fight, they are interrupted by one spectacular sight. Dean has arrived and he is driving a car. Not just any car. The car he built for Rory and has finally finished. She is ecstatic, Lorelai is ecstatic, everyone ecstatic. He's the possibly the best boyfriend in the world. Richard, however, doesn't believe that Dean could actually build a car and tells Rory that she can't accept this gift because it couldn't possibly be safe.

Dean starts to freak out, but remains calm and tries to convince Richard that he does indeed know what he is doing and that the car is indeed safe. Richard will not back down but neither will Dean. They are both very stubborn. So, the only way that Dean can convince Richard the car is safe is to take it to a certified mechanic to check it out. The local mechanic looks it over with a fine tooth comb and finds nothing wrong. But Richard isn't satisfied. He makes the mechanic look at it over and over again, giving Dean and Richard a chance to bicker even more. Dean knows he can't make Richard like him; however, Richard does agree that perhaps he's been too hard on Dean. Finally, the mechanic convinces Richard the car is safe, but he still doesn't think it's an appropriate gift for Rory. Poor Dean.

Back at home, Richard tells Rory that the car is all good and she can have it. She takes off to pick up Chinese food, leaving Lorelai and Richard to finally have it out. She tells her dad, flat out, that she doesn't want any criticism about her life. Rory is her kid and she will decide what is right for her. They fight and fight until it comes out that Richard knows exactly why he was invited to Lorelai's house for the day. And he doesn't like it one bit. After all, Lorelai has never in her life invited Richard to her house, so how is that supposed to make him feel? He's having a hard time with retirement. He's annoying to his wife and a burden to his daughter. For the first time in his life, he doesn't know what to do or how to be. Then, he bails on dinner and goes home.

As Rory walks home from the Chinese restaurant, she runs into Jess and discusses the infamous Rory curtain. Jess tells her not to worry - the curtain won't be up long. Why? Let's just say that Jess has replaced a Disney video with something more, ahem, adult-oriented. If Paris was looking for an underbelly, she should've interviewed him.

Meanwhile, Richard arrives home and Emily is in a fantastic mood because she's had the day to herself and she's ready to be with her husband. Richard, however, lies about his day and says he had a great time. Emily is so glad to hear it. Claiming he's still energized from the day, Richard pretends to go organize some stamps in his study. But instead, he just sits alone by himself.

Secrets and Loans ...

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Lorelai is drinking coffee at Luke's when Rory arrives with her PSAT scores. As Lorelai tries to tell her daughter that these are not as important as the real thing, Rory announces that she got a 740 verbal and a 760 math. Almost a perfect score! You'd think Rory would be super psyched, but instead she is a bit bewildered. She wants to know how she scored higher in math, when verbal is her thing. Maybe she didn't study hard enough. Maybe she got cocky. No, she just needs to chill out. It's a great score. To celebrate, Lorelai tells Rory they will get all dressed up and go to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Rory digs the idea and decides to invite Lane, although she's been kind of hard to reach lately.

The next morning, Lorelai wakes up in a fabulous mood, pours herself some coffee and heads out on the porch. Her perfect morning is disrupted when her foot goes right through the wood on the porch. Turns out, termites have infested the entire house. Kirk, the jack of all trades, arrives to tell them what to do. He thinks this is super serious. The whole house could come down at any minute. Lorelai thinks he's overreacting, but the fact remains that Lorelai needs $15,000 to fix her termite infestation. Where can she get that much money?

At school, Rory eats lunch at the same table as Madeline, Louise and Paris. They're not sitting together, but Rory can hear Paris asking the girls about their PSAT scores. Of course, Paris is just asking her friends so that she can gloat about her own scores. And what did Paris get? Well, she got a 750 math and a 730 verbal. And what did Rory get? Rory won't give up the goods because it's personal. And this drives Paris absolutely crazy. She just has to know if she did better than Rory; otherwise, she'll never be satisfied with her own scores.

That night, Lorelai wakes up Rory because she thinks she can hear the termites chewing the wood away. Lorelai wants to sleep at Sookie's, but Rory think her mom is imagining the whole thing. When Rory tries to go back to sleep, she too starts to freak out and the next thing you know, the Gilmore girls are walking to Sookie's house for a good night's sleep. Sookie is psyched because she thinks they're all going have a slumber party. But since it's already midnight, the three girls just make a few milkshakes. Lorelai tells Sookie that she tried to call the bank about a loan, but the bank just laughed in her face. Turns out, Lorelai is a bad risk, or as she puts it, one of the biggest losers in Stars Hollow. Ouch. As the girls talk, Lorelai and Rory hear a huge thud in Sookie's closet. Want to bet Jackson is hiding out in there? He is, but he refused to come out because his pajamas are too embarrassing. When he finally emerges, Jackson is wearing a pair of pajamas that have pictures of himself as a high school wrestler all over them.

When Rory goes to visit Lane, her Mrs. Kim kicks her out because she thinks Rory is going to bring termites into their house. Unfortunately, Lane isn't there, but Rory gets chased down the block by Lane's Mom and a hose anyway. Of course, the termite news has spread all over town by now and everyone is just dying to know Lorelai and Rory are going to do.

Back at home, Madeline calls Rory with a made-up story about her doing an article comparing Chilton's PSAT scores with those of other prep schools, in an attempt to get Rory to reveal her scores. Rory wasn't born yesterday, and knows that evil Paris is behind the whole thing. Paris gets on the phone and demands to know Rory's scores. And Rory promptly hangs up on her. Meanwhile, Lorelai's attempts at a loan become more and more futile, so Rory suggests the unthinkable, asking Emily and Richard for the money. But Lorelai just can't do that, it will come at too big of a cost.

At the Friday night dinner, Emily can sense that Lorelai is tense and wants to know what's wrong. Rory spills the beans on the termite infestation, and Lorelai is horrified. Emily gets up to write out a check, but Lorelai refuses to accept it. Emily is offended. Lorelai would rather have her house fall down than accept help from her own mother? Yes. After dinner, Lorelai refuses to even look at Rory. She is so upset that Rory went against her wishes and drives that point home really hard. Lorelai said that Rory had no right to bring up the problem in front of Emily. And boy is she mad! It's pretty rare to see Lorelai blow up like that. This is pretty serious stuff.

Later, Rory meets up with Dean and she's acting all moody over her fight with Mom. Rory gives Dean the lowdown, and he cautiously tells her that she can be just as stubborn as her mother. Dean assures his girl that they will make up soon enough and then they head out for a cup of coffee. But not before Rory sees something shocking; Lane in a cheerleading outfit. She decides to bolt without saying anything. As for Lorelai, she's still begging banks for money and getting turned down flat. Michel suggests that she offer the bank officer a lap dance.

Back in the termite infested Gilmore house, Emily calls to report that she has recently spoken to a friend who just happens to be the president of the First National Bank. And if Lorelai wants to talk to the president, she can meet him on Thursday at 3:15. Lorelai thanks her Mother, but refuses to go. Yet, she quickly changes her mind when a call to another bank ends in one more disaster.

After having coffee, Rory says goodbye to Dean with a rather passionate kiss and when it's over, immediately spots Lane across the way. They meet up by a bench and discuss Lane's recent decision to become a cheerleader. Lane says she kept it quiet because of what Rory might say. Rory is totally judgmental. They used to make fun of cheerleaders! But Lane just wanted to try it because, Rory isn't around as much as she used to be. Plus, she has Dean now and well, Lane doesn't feel like she has to justify this to anyone!

Back at the Gilmore house, Luke is looking under some wooden boards to help Lorelai see what is actually going on. Luke says there is indeed damage, but it's not that bad. He even says he can find a couple of friends to fix it and Lorelai can pay them back in monthly installments. Okay, but who would Lorelai make the check out to? Well, Luke. Which means he would be fronting her the money, and she can't accept the offer.

With no other choice, Lorelai is left to go to the Which First National Bank to meet with Emily's friend, Miles. Even better, Emily just happens to be there too! At first, Lorelai turns around to leave because she feels humiliated, but Emily follows her and insists that Lorelai keep her appointment. She agrees on one condition, that Emily sits in on the meeting but can't say a word.

Inside the bank, Lorelai meets Miles, and the meeting begins. Lorelai explains her situation, but Miles keeps engaging Emily in the conversation. So, Lorelai tells Miles to treat her like any other person walking in from the street. He agrees, looks at her paperwork and promptly tells her that he cannot help her. The only way to get the money is if someone would co-sign the loan with her. And who might that person be? Emily, of course, is going to co-sign and the deal is done. When it's over Lorelai wants to know what she owes Emily. But Emily quickly responds with nothing. Lorelai owes her nothing it all. Emily just wanted to do something nice for her daughter. Is that so wrong?

That night, there's a pep rally going on in downtown Stars Hollow with a bonfire and everything and Rory shows up to see Lane in all her cheerleading glory. While she waits for the festivities to begin, Lorelai shows up to make peace with her daughter but not before making her point clear. Rory has to respect Lorelai's decisions. Lorelai has never let Rory down before and Rory needs to trust her. Then, the fight is officially over. Next, Lane and her fellow cheerleaders come out and do their routine to the song "One Step Beyond" by Madness. Rory is proud of her best bud and tells her exactly that after the show. And since coffee keeps a cheerleader perky, they head to Luke's for a make-up cup.

At the Friday night dinner, Lorelai tells Emily about the work on the house, but Emily is still upset. So Lorelai follows her mom into the kitchen for a little talk. She apologizes to Emily for doubting her motives with the loan. Lorelai really appreciates the help, and Emily accepts the apology. Oh, by the way, Emily will be having D.A.R. meetings at the inn from now on. Lorelai doesn't mind, does she?

The Bracebridge Dinner ...

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We open at the Stars Hollow snowman contest, and Lorelai and Rory have built a most unusual specimen. Rory is convinced they'll never win, especially since some random guy has created the most elaborate over-the-top snowman ever. But that's not really important. What is important is discussing what the girls are going to do on Rory's winter break. Lots of movies are definitely in order. When Rory suggests renting The Godfather III on DVD, Lorelai is about to seriously question her daughter's judgment until Rory points out that on the commentary, Francis Ford Copolla defends casting Sofia. A must hear! It's not going to be all fun and games, though, because Rory's got beaucoup work to do for the school paper. Leave it to Paris to ruin a perfectly good vacation. Then, the snowman's head falls right off. And the Gilmore girls do what any self-respecting snowman builder would do: get coffee.

Over at the inn, Sookie is giving Jackson a hard time about his latest mushroom delivery. It's all for some big, fancy dinner that will recreate the 19th century, i.e. tons of courses, costumes, and music. Of course, Lorelai and Sookie forgot to tell Jackson that he will be playing the part of Squire Bracebridge. He's not down with that at all, but he doesn't really have a choice here.

Later, Chris calls and asks Lorelai if it's okay if Rory stays with him for a couple of day for a nice father/daughter visit. Lorelai doesn't know how she feels about it, but agrees as long as Rory is into it. At the Friday night dinner, Lorelai then finds out that her folks aren't going away for the holidays. They usually go on vacation, but this time, Emily and Richard are staying put. Suddenly, Richard excuses himself from the table because he's dealing with some major stress at work.

Meanwhile, Sookie is training the staff on how to speak Old English. She's being a slave driver with everyone, except Jackson and the rest of the staff doesn't appreciate it at all. Well, nothing is going to matter anyway because Lorelai interrupts to say that the Bracebridge party isn't happening. The group is snowbound in Chicago. Sookie is devastated because she did so much preparation and now has tons of food with no one to eat it. She's inconsolable. Until Sookie decides to serve the food anyway and invite everyone they know. They'll have a Stars Hollow slumber party at the inn! Luke tries to get out of attending this little soiree, but he is obligated.

The next day, Dean spots Lane and asks her if she's going to the event. That's affirmative. Now if only Lane could swing it without her mother in tow. Lane bolts, leaving Dean to spot a big fight between Jess and some random kid in the middle of the school yard. Dean breaks up the fight and almost gets clocked by Jess. When Dean asks him why he kept swinging, Jess just said it was adrenaline that kept him going. Dean couldn't look more annoyed as Jess just continues to piss everyone off just because he fees like it.

At the Gilmore house, Rory is going through a bunch of holiday cards and finds one from her dad and his new girlfriend. Rory thinks the new girlfriend is pretty, while Lorelai compares her to Tammy Faye Baker. As Lorelai tries to assign rooms for all the guests, Rory suggest inviting Emily and Richard to try and lift their spirits. Lorelai opposes at first but relents from the pressure. Not to invite them would be bad karma.

The night of the big event arrives, and Lorelai and Rory greet all the guests as they arrive. Paris busts in to give Rory her homework, and Rory is nice enough to invite her to stay for the festivities. After Paris defensively explains that her alternate plans (reading The Iliad for the third time) is not pathetic, she accepts the invite. Later, when Jess arrives with Luke, Dean is less than pleased to see the local troublemaker. He tells Rory what happened with the whole fight, and Rory looks like she knows it's going be a tough night.

Lorelai emerges from the kitchen after calming down a crazed Sookie to find that her parents did indeed show up. But it's not so bad because Richard's dark cloud seems to have vanished. Emily doesn't know why he's in such a good mood but decides to just go along for the ride. Why ruin a good thing with pesky questions? When Lorelai goes to greet more guests, Rory spots Jess admiring some painting in the lobby. Rory looks at Jess, Jess looks at Rory, and then Rory turns away.

The night's festivities begin with a big surprise. Everyone gets a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh before dinner. Of course, Jess has no interested in something so hokey, so he sits this one out. Luke tries to do the same, but Lorelai convinces him to take a ride with her. It's quite romantic, despite Luke's cynicism. The two talk about the town and then discuss taking care of Jess. Luke reveals that he has discovered the secret to parenting. And it's this: you visualize the reality you want, and then you lie if necessary to bring it about. Lorelai thinks lying is bad and should be used only if you're protecting your kid from physical harm. But Luke explains what he did and why. See, with winter break coming up, Jess has some time off. But his mom, Lizzie, never called or asked if Jess could come home for a bit. So, Luke lied and said that he was the one who insisted Jess stay with him for the break since Jess just arrived and is still adjusting. Luke seems pleased with his little lie until Lorelai informs Luke that Jess knows the truth.

When it's Rory's time to take a ride, Dean is off with his little sister, so Rory has to go on her sleigh all alone. That is, until Jess jumps aboard and invites himself along. Rory scolds him about the fight he had with Dean, and Jess is appropriately disinterested in her opinion. Besides the guy he was originally fighting with had it coming. When he names the guy, Rory agrees. Jess makes some comment about how the whole town is full of stupid people, which prompts Rory to wonder why he didn't go home for break if he hates Stars Hollow so much. Jess says that his mom didn't want him (Lorelai was right, he does know the truth.)

The two ride through town and pass all the snowmen. Jess compliments Rory's creation and tells her she should definitely win. It's original, it's got character, and the really good one is oh-so-overdone. Suddenly, Jess asks a super personal question. Namely, what do Rory and Dean talk about? Because Jess is in a few classes with Dean and he just doesn't seem to be Rory's kind of guy. Rory is quick to disagree and say that Dean is exactly her kind of guy.

All the guests return and sit down for their elaborate dinner. Richard is so impressed with everything. He tells Lorelai that he is really proud of her. Wow. Is Richard taking medication or what? The first course is served, Jackson performs his best Squire Bracebridge, Lane's mom gets upset that nobody said grace, and Paris points out all the period inconsistencies. It's just a blast. Surprisingly, it is Richard who is the bona fide life of the party. Finally, we find out why he is so happy. He has retired from his insurance job!

Later in their room, Lorelai and Rory discuss the night's events and the fact that Richard and Emily didn't say another word to each other. Then, Rory asks if her dad has called recently. Lorelai admits that he did call and invited Rory to visit for a few days. Rory can't understand why her mom didn't say anything about it. Well, she sort of understands. See, Lorelai feels threatened by the fact that Rory might spend part of the holidays with her dad and his girlfriend, who is practically Rory's stepmother at this point. While Lorelai rants and raves, Rory remains calm and mocks her mother until Lorelai admits that she's overreacting. And the bottom line is that Rory doesn't want to go, but it was nice that Christopher asked. Suddenly, Emily knocks on the door and demands a new room. She can't take being around Richard anymore. Emily is so upset that he quit without telling her, that she doesn't even know what to say. So Emily camps out with Lorelai and Rory for the night. When Emily says it was totally irresponsible for Richard to do what he did, Lorelai responds that Richard's job was killing him.

This comment strikes a nerve with Emily, so she gets up and goes for a walk. She runs into Richard in the lobby and he begs her to sit down and listen to what he has to say. He goes on to explain how he came to his decision. It wasn't calculated at all, but when the time came to resign, Richard was never so elated in his entire life. A huge weight had been lifted off his chest. And suddenly he was smiling again. The reason he didn't tell Emily was because she hates impulsiveness. And he couldn't face the fact that he surely would be disappointing her. He wanted to keep being happy, especially around the holidays, so he didn't say anything. Richard expresses how sorry he is and then reassures Emily that everything, financially speaking, will be okay. After hearing his speech, Emily just quietly says, let's go to bed.

In the morning, all the guests start to check out. Everyone had a fabulous time, even Richard and Emily. Dean and his little sister are on their way out when Dean spots something very disturbing. He sees Jess and Rory giving each other the eye. Is he losing his girl? At the end of the show, Lorelai and Rory take a sleigh ride home and see that somebody (Jess) has destroyed the super-duper snowman. This means that Lorelai and Rory have a good shot at winning by default.

Run Away, Little Boy ...

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When Lorelai arrives home from the video store, she finds Sookie and Rory gleefully eyeing a late-arrival wedding present and hoping they'll be allowed to rip that baby open. Lorelai wants to return sit ASAP, but there's no return address, so the only thing to do is rip it open. She does, reluctantly, and finds a state of the art ice cream maker inside. Rory and Sookie think Lorelai should keep it (pointing out that there could be some statute of limitations on returning gifts that arrive so late), but Lorelai refuses. She didn't get married, so she doesn't deserve to keep a wedding gift. Now, she just has to figure out who sent it.

At Chilton, Rory and the rest of the students are given an assignment to pick a scene from Romeo and Juliet and perform it with their group. Rory and Paris, plus sidekicks Madeline and Louise, have been assigned Act Five, the death scene. How appropriate. Of course, Paris is still being a first-class witch to Rory and it gets even worse when they all spot Tristan, who just came back to school after yet another suspension. Rory didn't even know Tristan had been suspended, to which Paris responds, "yeah, right." And Paris just might get into the Guinness Book of World records for holding a grudge.

That night, Lorelai is calling everyone on her wedding guest list to find out who the mysterious gift giver is and must endure horrifying conversations with evil relatives. Geez, is this really worth it? Well, maybe, because it will give Lorelai closure. Rory comes home and tells her mom about the whole Shakespeare thing and mentions that she volunteered Lorelai to make the costumes. That's all well and good, but Lorelai must consult with Paris on all details, which makes the job less than desirable. When Lorelai bolts for class, Rory gets a call from Henry. He's using Rory to call Lane because Lane's mom is such a psycho. Rory puts Henry on hold, dials Lane's digits and gets her on the phone. She then connects the two lovebirds. It's all quite romantic.

At her business class, Lorelai has quick and witty banter with a cute blonde named Paul, who clearly has a thing for her. She lends him her notes and he asks her out to dinner. Hmmm. This could get interesting. The blonde cutie, though, gets dissed when Lorelai claims she's super busy in the next couple of weeks. He handles it pretty well and tells her that if her schedule opens up, she should give him a call.

The following day, Rory meets up with the Chilton gang to begin rehearsals. Paris is running the show like a dictator and totally freaks out when Tristan arrives and announces that he is part of their little group. See, he got to pick which group he joined and all the other groups contain ex-girlfriends, so here he is. Paris is annoyed and quips, "So, we're being punished for our good taste?" Louise interrupts and announces that Tristan should be their Romeo, but Paris disagrees. She's the director, after all. But could she be letting her personal feeling get in the way of her professional decisions? Seeing how the only other guy in the group tends to vomit when he speaks in front of a lot of people, Paris is overruled and Tristan is officially Romeo. Paris swears, however, that if he screws this up for her, he'll pay dearly for his mistake. After he leaves, Paris decides that Rory has to be Juliet. She's chaste and she'll look great dead. Well, this ought to be interesting.

Lorelai finally decides to donate the ice cream maker, now named Fernando, to the inn. But Sookie points out that they already have an ice cream maker, one that makes ice cream for the whole inn, while Fernando could only make some for, well, Lorelai and Rory. All this conversation is really a prelude to something else. Meaning that Sookie is worried about Lorelai and her emotional state. Is she really over the engagement and, if so, why hasn't she been on any dates? Lorelai points out that it takes time to get over something as big as an engagement. And Sookie points out that it's time to get back out there. Well, it just so happens that Lorelai was asked out on a date but turned it down. Why, Sookie demands to know? Every guy doesn't have to be the-special guy. He could be a transition guy. Lorelai decides that's an excellent idea and agrees to call him.

Later, Rory gets a call from Paris in a tantrum over the fact that the space she reserved to rehearse in is being overrun with other groups. And because she wants to keep their interpretation a secret, Paris looked around for another space and found one right in Rory's town. Miss Patty's Place. Rory is not pleased, she want to keep her school life and home life separate. Now, Rory's life is a complete nightmare. Why? Tristan is coming to her town, and he'll probably see Dean and he most likely spill the beans about the kiss. Remember, the one that Rory and Tristan shared when Dean and Rory were on their little break? So, if Tristan says something to Dean, then it will look like Rory was keeping it from Dean. Which she was. So to avoid the whole mess, Rory's got to tell Dean the truth.

To ease the pain, Lorelai suggests that Rory practice the kiss speech on her. Lorelai plays Dean as Rory spills her guts. Talk about a bad idea! As the pseudo conversation continues, it become evident that telling Dean will potentially ruin the great relationship that Rory has worked so hard to have. Sometimes honesty is not the best policy. Because this will only make Rory feel less guilty and hurt Dean a whole lot. So, relax, be calm and everything will be fine. And then Lorelai heads out to her big date.

That night, everyone arrives at Miss Patty's for rehearsal. When Paris asks of Tristan's whereabouts, Rory realizes her worst nightmare is coming true. Tristan is at the market buying smokes and finds Dean stocking the shelves. Uh-oh. Tristan begins to antagonize Dean immediately and informs Dean that Rory is his Juliet. Turns out, Dean didn't know this little tidbit. Guess there a lot of things Dean doesn't know. Anyway, Rory arrives and drags Dean outside to apologize. He hates that Tristan is playing Romeo to her Juliet but he knows it's not Rory's fault.

At Luke's later, Lorelai tells Rory about her date. She'll never go out with Paul again, but it felt good to get dressed up and have a date. Rory tells Lorelai about her night and the fact that Dean is still safely in the dark. But for how long? He stops in and invites himself to Rory's next rehearsal, even though Rory really doesn't want him there. Ultimately, Dean is going do whatever he wants so there's no point in arguing. At Chilton the next day, Rory tries to talk to Tristan about what happened between them. She asks him to keep their kiss a secret because things are going really well for her and Dean right now. Tristan believes Dean will find out anyway because when they kiss on stage it will be oh-so obvious that it's not the first time. Rory becomes more and more exasperated with Tristan until he agrees to keep his mouth shut. When Rory thanks him (because after all the kiss meant absolutely nothing) it seems for a brief second that Tristan is a little sad and hurt. So, Rory tries to see how he's doing, asking him about his suspension and why he's hanging out with some of Chilton's bad seeds. He doesn't really warm up to Rory's dime-store psychoanalysis and decides to bail pronto.

The next day, Rory and Lorelai are chowing down at Luke's and talking about tonight's doomed rehearsal when Paul walks in with his parents. He looks a lot younger right now, clean-shaven with a baseball hat. It doesn't help that he's with his folks. Rory can barely keep from laughing. She always wanted a younger brother. Haha, very funny. Paul's visit does accomplish one thing, it makes Rory laugh and not think about rehearsal for a few minutes.

At rehearsal, Tristan is about to kiss Rory while Dean watches from the back. Just before he leans in to kiss Rory he stops and starts to spill the beans about their first kiss. Paris starts freaking out, Rory takes five and everyone has to cancel their plans for the night because rehearsal is going last all night long. Rory then asks Dean to leave because she can't get the scene right with him standing there. He reluctantly leaves but makes no mention of Tristan's gibberish about the kiss. Then, Rory confronts Tristan but he isn't interested in being scolded. Besides, he's got to go meet some friends.

Meanwhile, Lorelai is getting the severe cold shoulder from Luke about her date with Paul. Lorelai thinks he's just kidding, but he's not. He's completely serious, but we have no idea what he's so mad about. Sookie knows exactly what the reason is. Luke has had to watch Lorelai become engaged and then un-engaged and then go out with some random guy, leaving Luke to believe Lorelai will date anyone but him.

The big night arrives, and Rory is ready to be the best Juliet she can be. It is half of her grade after all. Unfortunately, Tristan is nowhere to be found. Paris is beside herself. How will she get into Harvard if she fails Shakespeare? The two go looking for Tristan and when they find him it's bad news all around. Tristan got busted with his buds last night and now he's being shipped off to military school. He can't be Romeo. And worse, Rory will most likely never see him again. She tells him she is genuinely sorry and they say their goodbyes. Tristan would like to kiss her but can't because Dean is watching their every move. He leaves, and Paris must step into his shoes as Romeo.

After leaving Chilton, Lorelai heads over to Luke's to talk to him. She tells him that he is very important to her and she is thankful that he is always there for her, and she will always be there for him. And things are back to normal between them. For now.

The Ins and Outs of Inns ...

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During the requisite Friday night dinner, Emily and Rory discuss the fact that poor Richard is on business in Akron, Ohio and he had to actually eat in a diner the other night. While Rory sympathizes with gramps, Lorelai couldn't care less and engages in a lovely conversation with herself. Until she realizes that Emily is convincing a naive and sympathetic Rory to sit for a portrait. Rory, always ready to please, says she would love to do it while Lorelai tries to convince her daughter to just give the artist a picture and be done with it. Apparently, Lorelai once sat for a portrait a long time ago and after three artists and much scowling, the thing never got finished. Try as she might, Lorelai cannot change Rory's mind. So it's settled. The portrait begins first thing in the morning.

At the diner, Jess is serving coffee, while Lorelai is trying to figure out what to name the new inn she and Sookie want to buy and renovate. For the time being, it's called the "Rachel property," which is just an unwelcome reminder of Luke's unfortunate past. While Jess heads off to school, Lorelai lets out all her anxiety about owning an inn and having absolutely no idea what she's doing. Luke tries to reassure, for lack of a better word, by saying his dad didn't know anything about running a diner either. He just dove right in. And that's exactly what Lorelai is going to have to do. Luke, does however, tell her that she's going to do just fine. That old soft spot has got to come out every once in a while.

Of course, once Lorelai gets to work, evil Michel is full of doubt and discouragement. He explains to her and Sookie that most businesses go belly up within the first two years. Michel suggests naming the inn, "The Money Pit." He then hands some papers over to Lorelai and Sookie, which contain the name of the real owner of the old inn. Her name is Fran and she owns the local bakery. She is also known as the cupcake lady, which leads Sookie and Lorelai to believe that buying the place will be, well, a piece of cake. But, the process doesn't turn out so easily. In fact, it's downright impossible because Fran just flat out refuses to sell. The place belonged to her parents and since Fran doesn't have any siblings, the inn is the only legacy of her family that she has. So, you see, she's just not selling. Ever.

Later, Rory and Lane walk through town and come across the local grocery where there's some police tape and a chalk outline of a body. What the heck is going on here? The police think it's just a big prank, but the store owner isn't buying it. Just then, Dean arrives and he and Rory flirt away, making Lane bail. As everyone wonders just who might pull such a prank, Rory spots Jess across the street with a grin on his face. Hmmm. It won't take much detective work to figure this one out.

Over at the Independence Inn, the mysterious owner arrives for a visit. Her name is Mia, and both Lorelai and Rory are pleased as to see her. And of course, Michel is his usual insulting self. The three girls head to Luke's, where he and Mia have a nice little reunion as well. Seems everyone just loves Mia, who now lives in Santa Barbara, California and hates it because it's sunny all the time. They all chat for a while and Mia spills the beans on Luke in his younger days when he used to skateboard and wore a Star Trek t-shirt every day for a year. Lorelai loves this ammunition and declares that she'll need a three-month vacation from work because she needs the time to laugh her butt off.

Meanwhile, the grocery-store owner comes in to chastise Luke about Jess's little prank. Luke isn't interested in local politics and shrugs off the accusation. Mia, on the other hand, is just loving all the small-town drama of Stars Hollow. But the reason she doesn't return more often is because she's not really needed anymore. Lorelai practically runs the inn all by herself. Uh-oh, how is Lorelai going to explain to Mia that she's bailing to start her own enterprise? Over at Emily's, Rory is complaining about her portrait posing. See, Emily wants her to look like some sort of ballerina with her arm over her head but Rory would rather be reading. It's more natural. After a call to Lorelai, the issue is settled.

That night, Lorelai, Rory, Luke and Mia head to the town meeting. When they arrive, Luke is angered to see that it's started without him. The rest of the folks did in on purpose because they wanted to talk about Jess and all the trouble he's brought to town since his arrival. The discussion turns into an argument and then an all-around bickering match, which accomplishes absolutely nothing. Luke storms out while everyone wonders what should be done about Jess-the-menace.

After the meeting, Rory goes off to smooch with Dean while Lorelai finally comes clean about her intentions to buy her own inn, even though she doesn't really have an actual inn to buy right now. Mia thinks it's a fabulous idea. In fact, she's wanted to sell the Independence for a long time but worried about putting Sookie and Lorelai out of their jobs. So, it's the perfect situation. Except that Lorelai and Sookie don't really have an inn to buy at the moment and they may be out of a job real quick. Not to mention the fact that some big nasty chain will probably buy the Independence and take all the charm out of it. (Of course, no one here is really talking about the obvious - that Lorelai and Sookie should buy the Independence.)

But Sookie does think of this. And Lorelai just jumps down her throat, explaining that the Independence is way out of their price range. Optimistic Sookie thinks that there must be a way to work it out. Lorelai completely loses her patience and her manners, and goes off on Sookie and her flaky ways. This fight isn't really about Sookie's annoying quirks but it doesn't matter. Sookie starts crying and leaves, making Lorelai feel really bad.

Later on, Rory and Dean are walking around town and he decides to pick up his paycheck. He leaves Rory alone for a few minutes, giving Jess an opportunity to give her a hard time. But Rory has little patience for the prankster. She gives him an earful about all the trouble he's causing Luke. After a few smart remarks, Jess actually feels bad and apologizes. When Dean comes back, Jess wants to know if Dean is her boyfriend because, well, she never mentioned she had one. Ouch.

Friday night, Lorelai and Rory arrive at Emily's for dinner and get a sneak peak at the portrait. It's pretty awful, truth be told. Rory's creeped out, but Lorelai lies and says it's nice. Of course, Emily isn't pleased with her daughter's lack of enthusiasm and storms out of the room. Lorelai follows her mom and apologizes. She explains the whole inn situation and why she's so cranky about everything.

At home, Lorelai finds Luke doing some handy-guy stuff and they have a little heart to heart about being an entrepreneur. Lorelai thinks she doesn't have what it takes, but Luke admits to throwing up and passing out when he opened the restaurant. He believes in her, but Lorelai has got to believe in herself or it's never going happen. The next day, Lorelai apologizes to Sookie and they quickly make peace and start giggling like school girls. Sookie is clearly the kind of girl who doesn't hold a grudge.

Over at the Independence, Emily comes in and has a cold chat with Mia. Mia had hoped the two might get along, but it isn't happening. See, Emily thinks Mia should have sent Lorelai home that day fifteen years ago when she arrived on the doorstep with Rory in her arms. But Mia disagrees and thought it would be better to give her safe, warm, loving home. Then, Emily asks that Mia keep discussion a secret from Lorelai. The meeting? Or has Emily bought the inn from Mia? It's confusing, but in the end, Mia promises to send over some pictures of Lorelai and Rory from long ago.

As the show ends, Lorelai and Rory chow down at Luke's and chat about how it sucks to fight with your friends. When Rory orders toast, Luke tells her it will take a while because the big toaster has been broken for a while. Not so! Turns out, Jess, who won't admit to it, has fixed it. Perhaps his little attempt to make Luke's life a little easier. Jess gives Rory a knowing look and she gives him one right back.

Like Mother, Like Daughter ...

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Lorelai and Rory enter Luke's, which is very crowded, and discuss possible ways -- like spreading rumors of vermin -- of keeping people away from it so they always will have a table. The girls notice that Luke is being strangely friendly with customers, and Lorelai remarks that she's never seen him flirt with a woman. Rory tells her that Luke's flirted with her numerous times. Rory begins to tease Lorelai about a Barry Manilow CD she found hidden under the car seat. Lorelai tries to deny it, but when this fails she reminds Rory of the Bryan Adams poster she had over her bed for two years. Rory calls Lorelai a fink. The music subject is dropped and the girls begin contemplating Luke's love life. Lorelai wonders if he's dated anyone since Rachel, and Rory wonders when he'd ever meet anyone, since he's only ever at the diner or his apartment. Lorelai says that Luke is a bachelor for life, but Rory says that there's someone for everyone. This makes her think of Barry Manilow again and she begins singing one of his songs. It sends them into a guilty pleasures face-off: "Yeah? The Spice Girls?" "Duran Duran!" "Dido!" "Olivia Newton John!" "The Macarena!" They eventually form a truce and begin to drink their coffee. Rory can't help it - she giggles into her mug.
At Lorelai's house, Rory is in the kitchen when Lorelai comes running in. The car won't start and is making funny sounds, which Rory identifies as the battery. Lorelai refuses to walk to work so she calls Michel. Rory can't fit all of her textbooks and four other books into her backpack, so she thinks it's too small. While still on the phone with Michel, Lorelai tries to talk Rory into leaving those books behind, but it's impossible. Back on the phone, Michel says he will come get Lorelai, but only if she buys him low-fat American cheese and a meringue cookie. Lorelai hangs up and tells Rory -- who's managed to fit all of her books inside her backpack -- that the weight of it will make her fall over.
In the Chilton cafeteria, Rory goes to an empty lunch table, puts on her headphones, and starts reading a book. A woman suddenly taps her on the shoulder, making Rory jump. It's Mrs. Verdinas, a guidance counselor. She wants to talk to Rory as soon as she's finished eating her lunch, and she won't even give a hint of what it's about.
Rory goes to Mrs. Verdinas office for the talk. Mrs. Verdinas says that after observing Rory, Headmaster Charleston and she are worried. Rory is surprised that they've been observing her. They're concerned that she doesn't interact with her classmates enough outside of class, and wearing her walkman makes her look unapproachable. Mrs. Verdinas tells her that this kind of behavior may affect Rory's future. Rory is confused; she gets good grades, isn't that enough? Mrs. Verdinas tells Rory that universities don't look kindly on loners. Rory denies that she's a loner; loners are creepy guys who carry duffel bags. Mrs. Verdinas says that loners come in all shapes and sizes, even pretty girls. She tells Rory to mix it up with others, starting with lunch.
Later, Kirk is fixing the jeep as Rory fills Lorelai in on the talk with Mrs. Verdinas. Lorelai finds the whole thing ridiculous. Rory starts to worry if there's something wrong with her; maybe she is a loner and her backpack is one step away from carrying a mysterious duffel bag. Lorelai is angry that Mrs. Verdinas has made Rory doubt her identity. Rory tells her that Headmaster Charleston was the one who started it all, and Lorelai says that she'll have to go pay Schnickelfritz Charleston a visit. Kirk comes out from under the car and says he couldn't help but overhear, and Lorelai's absolutely right: he carried a duffel bag and ate lunch by himself his entire school career, and he turned out just fine. This reinforces Rory's dubious opinion of loners.
The next day, Lorelai goes to see Headmaster Charleston. He's surprised that she called for this meeting, because they don't see her very often. Lorelai wants to talk about the ridiculous accusation that Rory's a loner and how that's somehow something bad. She's raised Rory to do what she wants as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, and reading and listening to a walkman doesn't hurt anyone. The headmaster says that it hurts Rory. Lorelai disagrees. This doesn't surprise the headmaster based on his "research". When he learned about Lorelai calling the meeting, he had a look at her file and found that it's rather thin, indicating lack of participation. She's attended one bake sale and promptly left, without talking to any of the other Chilton parents. "Like Mother, like Daughter," says the headmaster. Lorelai feels sixteen again as the headmaster talks over her and hands her a list of Chilton parent groups. She submissively takes it and leaves, with the headmaster's instruction to do what's best for her or what's best for Rory.
Back home in the kitchen, Lorelai tells Rory what happened. They're both in the Chilton doghouse, as it turns out. Lorelai suggests that they just go along with it because Chilton is the one writing the letter that will get Rory into Harvard.
The next day in the Chilton cafeteria, Rory is about to sit down at an empty table when she suddenly turns around and plunks down at another table, full of girls. One of the girls, Francie, seems to be the boss there and introduces her to the other girls sitting at the table. They then start discussing Homecoming, which Rory could care less about. Paris walks by with her lunch tray, walks back to stare at Rory for a moment, then walks away again. The girls at the table ask if Rory has a nickname. Rory explains that Rory itself is a nickname for "Lorelai". A girl named Lem -- short for Lemon -- says that Lorelai is a weird name.
After lunch, Paris attacks Rory in the hall, dying to know how she was able to get a seat with the Puffs. The Puffs, we learn, are a type of High School Sorority for only the elite and hand-picked. Paris MUST become a Puff because every female Gellar has been a Puff, and the Puff connections you make last for the rest of your life. Paris is worried that Rory may have been badmouthing her with the Puffs, and explains how hard she has been working to butter up Francie in attempt to get invited to the table. Paris begs Rory not to say anything horrible to them about her.
At the elder Gilmores' residence, Lorelai comments that Lem's parents must really love citrus. Rory is weirded out that the table she chose to sit down at turned out to be a secret society. The maid directs them to go to the patio because they're barbequeing tonight, which is something new. They go out to the patio where a chef is cooking on the grill. They sit down, but Emily comes out and directs them to eat inside at the table. Lorelai points out that the whole point of barbecuing is to eat outside, but Emily insists.
Inside at the dining room table, Emily tells Lorelai that she's very dissapointed in her. She's talked to Bitty Charleston, who told her what happened when Lorelai visited the headmaster. Emily is very disappointed in Lorelai's lack of participation. To get Emily off her case, Lorelai lies and claims that she's already picked a club to join ... when pressed for details she comes up with "The Booster Club" off of the top of her head. Emily is satisfied and mentions the darling matching sweaters the members all wear.
The Booster Club is holding a meeting, discussing what to do for their upcoming fundraiser. Apparently last year, people's stomachs had to be pumped, although the salsa band was wonderful. Lorelai enters. They welcome her and catch her up with what they've been discussing. They've decided to do a fashion show because Aubrey (who keeps suggesting they take a break and can't remember the names of her stepchildren) works at SAKS and can get clothes for them to model. Now they need a location. Lorelai suggests her Inn. They members love the idea. Lorelai asks about the models. Are they going to get some famous ones? The Booster leader, Ava, laughs and says that they, the club members, are the models. Lorelai is less than thrilled.
Lorelai and Rory are walking in Stars Hollow. Lorelai is miffed that she got tricked into modeling, and Rory is making fun of her mother, the model. Rory thinks that Lorelai's punishment for being a Chilton loner is worse than her own. Lorelai's in need of a pick-me-up so she takes out her phone and calls her mother. She fills Emily in on the fashion show, and lets her know that since Emily is so concerned with Rory's reputation at Chilton, she signed Emily up to be a model at the fundraiser as well. Emily is left with no choice but to agree, and Lorelai's happy again.
In the cafeteria, Rory is about to sit down by herself, but Francie comes up to her and tells her to sit at their table again. When she sits down, they tell her that she's officially invited to eat at their table anytime she wants, because they find her fascinating, like the monkey habitat. Rory brings up the sorority thing and they all act like they don't know what she's talking about. What's the point of a secret society if it's not a secret? Rory informs them that the whole school apparently knows, but no one gives her details.
Paris is lurking nearby and the Puffs start criticizing her, but Rory stands up for her. The Puffs don't believe a word of Rory's defense. Rory tells them that she's heard that Paris was thinking of joining another non-existant group. The Puffs can't believe someone would not want to be a Puff. They call Paris over to the table.
The day of the fashion show, Lorelai comes into the inn, where a million different things are going on. A handy man is fixing the runway, which is not level. This is totally bad because women in heels will be walking on it. Sookie is in the middle of a crisis because the lettuce is dry, and she can't make salad with dry lettuce. Luke arrives to fix the stage with Burt, the toolbox. Lorelai kicks out the handyman so Luke can work. Ava arrives. She's instantly attracted to Luke and starts asking Lorelai prying questions about him. Luckily, Emily arrives just then and Lorelai shoos Ava away into the dressing room. Emily starts criticizing so Lorelai tells her to go the dressing room too. She goes over to Luke to check the progress of the runway. He's fixed it, but has decided to stay to make sure that it holds up, which makes Lorlelai uncomfortable: Ava has a crush on him, and Luke will see Lorelai modeling clothes that she hasn't even seen yet.
Lorelai goes into the dressing room where Emily is waiting. They go to get their outfits. Turns out, they are a fashion mother-daughter team, complete with matching red and black suits. "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" plays as they walk the runway. Emily is having a blast and does a little dance at the end of the runway. Lorelai smiles and dances too, albeit a little stiffly.
After the show, the Boosters talk about how well it went. They loved the music and compliment Lorelai for hiring an actor to play a horrible rude Frenchman. The ladies all adore Lorelai, and she seems to like them too, despite their different attitudes and lifestyles. Before she leaves, Emily remarks that Lorelai is fitting in nicely with the life she ran away from. Lorelai looks over and sees Luke chatting with Ava.
Back home, Rory is reading on the couch, waiting up for Lorelai. She wants to know all about the show. Lorelai acts vague when asked what she wore, and Rory notices that she's holding onto her purse rather tightly. She figures out that Lorelai is hiding photos in her purse, and so Lorelai surrenders them. Rory tells Lorelai that she looks like Nancy Reagan.
Lorelai tells Rory to sleep pretty, with her cute pajamas and some lipglss. Rory is confused, and Lorelai tells her that she's getting kidnapped. Francie called and said that she and her friends are going to come in while Rory's sleeping, wake you up, kidnap her and take her out to breakfast in her pajamas. Rory doesn't think it sounds very fun.
Later that night, Rory is sitting on the couch reading when she hears a car pull up. She calls to Lorelai and tells her that her kidnappers are here. Lorelai tells her to have fun. Rory turns off the living room light, gets into bed, and pretends to be sleeping. Francie and the other girls come in, turn on the lights, and yell "Surprise!" Rory pretends to be surprised. Paris is there, with her hair a mess and zit cream on her face. Seeing the way Rory looks supposedly fresh out of bed, she remarks that nothing in her life is fair.
At Chilton, Francie and some others are leading some blindfolded girls, including Rory and Paris, through the halls. They stop in front of a door and Francie dramatically instructs them to remove their blindfolds. Rory wants to know why they're at Chilton. Paris tells her to shut up; they're being Puffed. Francie unlocks the door and Rory realizes that they're going into the Headmaster's office. Rory's worried and asks where Francie got the key. Paris again tells Rory to shut up; they're making very important social contacts. Rory says that she doesn't need social contacts. Paris says that it must be nice to be Rory, but she's going to go in there and become a Puff.
In the Headmaster's office, Lem lights a candle while Francie talks about the history of the Puffs. The girls each have to hold a candle while reciting the Puff oath, and then ring the historical Chilton bell three times. Rory rings the bell twice before the door bursts open and Headmaster Charleston warns her not to do it again.
Later, in the Headmaster's office, the girls all sit around while Headmaster Charleston lectures them. He's disappointed, disillusioned, frustrated, and astonished. He threatens them with suspension, detention, and mandatory extra credit. Rory mutters "This is unbelieveable," under her breath. The Headmaster overhears and asks her what she said. Rory said that this is ubelievable, because all she's done is what they told her to do: socialize. Even though she has friends and a steady boyfriend in her own town, she sat down at a random table, and the next thing she knew, she's being kidnapped and blindfolded and reciting poetry and ringing bells. And now she's going to be suspended because she did what he told her to do. The Headmaster doesn't quite know what to say. Francie seems offended that Rory chose their table randomly. The secretary comes in and tells the Headmaster that the parents are arriving. He dismisses all of the girls except for Rory. He says that perhaps they were a bit hasty in judging Rory and that she won't be suspended.
Outside in the hallway, parents are picking up their kids. Lorelai is worried because she didn't get very much info over the phone. Rory tells her about the inition. Lorelai finds it funny that Rory got busted for ringing a bell.
The next morning, Lorelai walks into Luke's. They talk about the fashion show. Luke says that she looked very high-class substitute teacher. Lorelai asks him about Ava, and before he even has a chance to answer, she goes on and on about how it would be a bad idea to date a Chilton mom. Luke gets kinda mad: it's his private life and he's a grown man; she can't tell him who to date. Lorelai gets defensive and starts to make a huffy exit. Before she leaves, Luke yells that he wan't asking Ava out, he was telling her the quickest way back to Hartford. He teases her, saying that it was very romantic. Lorelai feels stupid.
In the Chilton cafeteria, Rory sits alone with her book and walkman. One of the girls who was at the initiation approaches and asks if she can sit down. She sits down with her lunch and starts reading her own book. Rory smiles.

Presenting Lorelai Gilmore ...

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Rory and Lorelai are greeted by yet another new maid at Emily and Richard's house. The two of them are here for their weekly Friday night dinner. As they walk inside, the girls hear Emily and Richard bickering at each other about how Richard isn't allowing Emily to attend her parties of the Starlight Foundation. Richard is also complaining about how busy he has been at work.
Rory and Lorelai sit at Luke's diner. Lorelai reads Rory's homework and tells her it's great. Rory thinks that Lorelai's just saying that because she's her mom, but Lorelai assures her that it really is really really great. Jess comes downstairs wearing a Metallica shirt. Luke orders him to go back upstairs and change, because the Metallica shirt is not proper work attire. Jess goes back upstairs. Lorelai and Rory agree that it was a gross shirt, but a good band.
During the next week, Emily is having afternoon tea with the ladies from the DAR. They are all talking about the past social events that Emily has missed. She is feeling very left out because so many things have happened that she didn't get to see. Rory comes by to pick up a book that Richard left for her, and all of Emily's friends comment on how much Rory looks like Lorelai. Rory leaves to get the book and the ladies ask Emily if Rory will be presented at the Debutante Ball. Emily said no, but all of her DAR friends persuade her to ask Rory if she would "come out".
Rory comes home and tells Lorelai that she is "coming out". Lorelai is first surprised because why in the world would Rory want to be a debutante? Then suddenly her sharp Gilmore brain kicks in, and she realizes that Emily sneakily implanted this idea into Rory's brain, making her think that this is what every girl dreams of. She starts to pick up the phone to call her mother and get Rory out of this mess, but fortunately Rory stops her and says that it made Emily so happy when Rory told her she would do it. Besides it's one night, how hard could it be? It may even be fun!
Lorelai and Rory start talking about everything they need for the ball, when Rory reads that her father is expected to present her at the ceremony. Rory tries not to make a big deal about it, but you can see that she is nervous when she states that she would get Taylor, or even the cable guy to do it. Lorelai picks up the phone and calls Christopher. Chris says that he'll definitely be there, and when Rory hears the news, she becomes so excited because "definitely" means that there is a 50/50 chance of him being there.
Rory, Dean and Lane are watching TV while Lorelai walks around in the background, talking on the phone to Emily about the ball. Lane and Rory are telling Dean that he has to wear a tux, with tails and gloves, when Rory comes out. The thought of wearing a tux makes Dean a little queasy, but Rory points out that Neil Young looks great in a tux, and that she'll be watching BattleBots for a month to make up for this.
A horn honks outside, meaning that Christopher is here. Lorelai and Rory goes out to meet him. Rory is thrilled to see her dad (and the dictionary he brought for her), and Lorelai is surprised and somewhat pleased to see that he's now driving a Volvo instead of a motorcycle. She's even more surprised when she hears that he has a steady job, and is especially pleased when she learns what an awesome sound system he got in exchange for the passenger air bag.
Lorelai is at her mother's house and the two of them are bickering over why Emily bought Rory twelve pairs of pantyhose. Richard walks in and it's apparent that something is bothering him. After he leaves, Lorelai asks Emily what's going on. Emily firmly tells Lorelai that nothing is wrong.
Rory and Dean are at Miss Patty's learning how to ballroom dance. Neither is doing well. Lorelai and Christopher come in with coffee and show off their own graceful ballroom dancing skills.
Lorelai and Christopher leave and go walking around with their coffee. Christopher tells Lorelai about his job, which he really likes although Lorelai thinks it sounds boring. He admits that he's always been a little jealous of Lorelai, because she figured out what she wanted at age sixteen, and it took him ten years and several failed business ventures.
Rory, Dean, Christopher, and Lorelai are at Lorelai's house getting ready for the ball. Christopher is teaching Dean how to tie a bowtie while Lorelai demonstrates perfect posture by walking around with a book on her head. When Rory gets up to go get the last eggroll, Lorelai tells her that ladies never go get their own eggrolls, or anything for that matter. Dean leaves, but not before Rory remembers to give him his gloves. Rory then goes to bed too.
Lorelai and Christopher stays up talking. Lorelai is worried because Emily hasn't called at all this evening, and for the last five days she's called every five minutes. She's also worried because Emily and Richard have been openly fighting, and that's something they've never done before. Plus, Richard doesn't even want to go see his perfect angel granddaughter come out at the debutante ball. Christopher tells her that she should talk to them, and then Lorelai goes to bed.
The next afternoon, Lorelai and Rory arrive at the ballroom. Rory leaves Lorelai and goes to the preparation room. She meets a girl named Libby who is totally serious about the whole debutante ball. Rory is slightly amused and tries to joke about it, but Libby tells her that she shouldn't joke about things like these, because the two minutes you're standing on the stairs this night will determine your social standing for the rest of your life.
Lorelai is down at the bar when Emily arrives. Lorelai is surprised that Emily didn't get there before them. Emily is in a bad mood and starts criticizing everything; the flowers, the tablecloths, the chairs.
Back in the preparation room, Libby offers a flask to Rory, who's sitting reading a book. Turns out this is Libby's fifth coming out this year. Libby asks Rory if she's going to marry her escort. Rory hurriedly changes the subject.
Downstairs, Lorelai is talking to some other mothers. Like Rory, she's totally out of her element with these people. Christopher sees her predicament and comes to rescue her, saying that he's having problems with his cummerbund. Emily walks up to them and asks if they've seen Richard. Lorelai is surprised that they didn't come together. Christopher sees that Richard has just arrived, and Emily goes over to him. They start fighting again.
Rory is waiting in line in the staging area. Dean walks up to her and tells her that she looks like a really cute cotton ball. Libby walks by and says that Rory and Dean and totally getting married. Dean is confused, and Rory quickly changes the subject. She sees Christopher walk up, and Dean leaves. Rory asks Christopher to not let her fall.
Downstairs, the ball is beginning. Lorelai is sitting at a table while Richard stands at the bar. Emily is trying to convince him to come sit down. He's acting childish and talking in a loud voice, which is embarrassing Emily. After he says, "To hell with society! Yes, I'm talking about you!" to the people around him, Lorelai leads her parents into another room.
Richard and Emily begin bickering again. Emily tells Richard that he has a social responsibility, and Richard asks her if she knows what he's going through at work, and tells her that she doesn't listen to him. He tries to bring Lorelai in to support him, but she stays out of it. Richard tells Emily that he's being phased out of the company, which will eventually lead to the day when they ask him to leave. Emily doesn't see that this is such a big deal and says that there are other options, but Richard tells her that he doesn't want other options; he wants to get up each morning and go to work, just like he has every morning for the past thirty years. Rory pokes her head into the room and tells them that she's next. They go back into the ballroom.
Rory is announced. She and Christopher walk down the stairs. Dean is waiting at the bottom. Christopher kisses Rory's hand, Rory curtsies, Christopher walks away, and Dean walks Rory down the aisle. Emily tells Lorelai that should have been her up there, and nothing has turned out the way it's supposed to. She walks away.
Later that night, in Stars Hollow, Rory, Dean, Lorelai, and Christopher are walking down the sidewalk. Rory tells Christopher that he's considered a "hot dad" among the other debutantes, and it's too bad he's not her stepfather because then she could steal him away from Lorelai. Lorelai says that she needs a burger and Rory agrees. Dean, however, just wants to get out of his tux, so he goes home. Christopher says that he's leaving early the next morning, so he has to pass on the fries but he'll have coffee with Rory the next morning. Rory goes on ahead to order their food, leaving Lorelai and Christopher alone.
Lorelai tells Christopher that it was amazing how he really came through for Rory. She also mentions that Boston isn't too far away, and that he could drop by sometimes. She points out that the traffic on the interstate can get bad on the weekends, so if he wanted to stay a little longer … Christopher says that he can't, he has to get back to work -- and to someone. Lorelai is taken aback, maybe even a little upset, but she acts happy. Her name is Sherri and she's from Boston, which is why Christopher moved there. Turns out they're living together, and Sherri made it clear that he would lose her if he didn't start getting things together. Hence the job and the Volvo. Lorelai is hurt that Christopher wouldn't change for her, but he did for Sherri.
Lorelai goes into Luke's, where she finds Rory biting into her burger. They both say that they're happy for Christopher. Rory feels bad for Grandma, because the night she was so excited about totally backfired on her. Lorelai and Rory look over and see Jess wiping down the counter, dressed as Luke, complete with flannel shirt and backwards baseball cap. Lorelai and Rory are amused, but Luke is not. He tells Jess to go upstairs and change.
Lorelai tells Rory that she's really lucky to have someone to talk to when things are sucking, and it must be lonely not to have that. She's thinking about Emily.
The next day, Emily is gardening on the back patio when Lorelai walks in. Supposedly she had some time before her business class and came over to hang out. She tells Emily that if there's ever anything she wants to talk about with Lorelai, she can. Emily goes back to her gardening, but inside is pleased that Lorelai made this effort to talk with her.

Nick and Nora, Sid and Nancy ...

17. srpna 2007 v 18:23
Lorelai and Rory are at Luke's. Lorelai is eating while Rory tries to hustle her along; it's Rory's first day of school and she can't be late. What if her new locker doesn't work, sending her whole day into chaos?
Lane walks in and gives Rory the address of a great record store near Chilton, then gives Rory a huge list of CDs to purchase for her. Lorelai goes up to the counter to get donuts as Taylor walks in with a group of Boy Scouts, who form a line and start placing jumbled orders. Luke is annoyed by the boys; apparently he had a bad Boy Scout experience as a child. Lorelai starts to place her donut order, but the phone rings. Lorelai and the kids moan as Luke goes to answer it. Luke tells them all to pipe down.
Luke seems upset by what he hears on the other end of the phone call. Lorelai goes behind the counter and gets her own donuts. Taylor and the Boy Scouts are shocked at the blatant rule breaking. Luke hangs up the phone and Lorelai asks if everything's okay. He asks her if she has a sister; Lorelai doesn't but one of the Boy Scouts does. Luke gives him his sympathies.
Later on, Luke walks toward the diner with an armful of shopping bags. One falls on the ground. Lorelai, who's walking by, stops to help. At first Luke refuses her help, but after much persistence on Lorelai's part agrees to let her help him. She carries a box of Frosted Flakes while he carries the rest of the cereal. She's confused as to why he's bought Frosted Flakes. Since when does Luke eat Frosted Flakes? The rest of the bags also include foods that normally you wouldn't catch Luke purchasing. Lorelai demands to know what's going on, but Luke is vague. He finally admits that his sister Liz is too busy to handle her son, so she's sending him to Luke. Apparently, the son has also been getting into some trouble, and Liz thinks Luke can straighten him out. Lorelai is skeptical on this point. Her skepticism grows when she finds out that the boy is seventeen and staying indefinitely. She wants to know exactly what trouble the kid has been getting into. Luke is convinced that it's just the bad influence of his nutjob sister.
Luke starts inflating an air mattress for Jess, the nephew. Lorelai tells him that Jess needs a bed, not a raft. She offers to help Luke with this but he is convinced that he can handle it. Before she leaves, she asks him if he has extra sheets. He assures her that he does, but as soon as she leaves he grabs his keys and heads out to buy sheets.
At Chilton, Rory and Paris talk about the Franklin. Paris is the editor and it's obvious that she really hates having Rory on the committee. Rory tells her that The Franklin could be really good this year, but she and Paris need to get along, not necessarily as friends, but just coexist. Paris tells Rory that there is a meeting after school at 4 o'clock.
Luke is waiting at the bus stop for Jess, who seems to be a boy of few possessions and words. He gives one-word answers to all of Luke's attempts at conversation. Luke's shows him the diner, the temporary bed, and the Frosted Flakes. Luke leaves to go back to the diner. Jess says he'll see him at ten, when Luke closes up, and starts to leave. Luke says that Jess will need keys. Jess assures him that he doesn't need keys and leaves.
Rory is sitting outside a classroom, reading a book. She's early for the four o'clock meeting. Suddenly she hears voices from inside the classroom and goes inside. Several students and a teacher are sitting around a table. The teacher informs her that the meeting had started at 3:15. Rory takes a seat. She has already missed picking the story of her choice, so Rory is left with covering the re-paving of the school parking lot. This is yet another one of Paris' sneaky plots to make Rory miserable, but to Paris' astonishment, Rory confronts her and explains that whatever crappy assignment Paris gives her, she'll make it the best story ever, and she's not going to back down or quit.
Rory leaves the room and walks down the hallway. Max is walking towards her from the other direction. They stop in front of each other, then both turn around and go the other way. Paris watches from the classroom window.
Lorelai goes to Luke's to get the scoop on Jess and possibly meet him. Luke doesn't even know where Jess is, so Lorelai starts giving him a parenting lecture when Jess walks in. She tries to talk to him and tells him that he should meet Rory, who could show him around town. Jess doesn't say a whole lot and leaves again. Lorelai has a brilliant idea and invites Luke and Jess over for dinner at Lorelai's house tomorrow night, for Sookie's cooking. Luke accepts.
Rory comes into the diner and sits next to Lorelai. She vents to Lorelai about Paris and how much she hates her. Lorelai asks if Rory happened to see Max at all. Rory beats around the bush but finally admits to their awkward scene. Lorelai tells Rory that she doesn't need to avoid Max on Lorelai's account. As they walk home, Lorelai informs Rory of their next night's dinner plans.
At the next newspaper meeting, the teacher announces that Rory's article on the school parking lot was very touching and she should be given an assignment with more depth to it. Paris then gives Rory a new story, which is a profile on the teacher that was voted most popular last-year. It happens to be Max Medina. Rory is taken aback, but accepts.
When Luke and Jess come over to the Gilmores' for dinner, Jess once again doesn't say much. He goes into Rory's bedroom. She introduces herself and tries to be friendly. He goes over and looks at her bookshelf. She asks him if he reads, and he says not much. He goes over to the window and asks if it can open so the two of them can bail. Rory tries to convince him that there's nowhere to bail to in Stars Hollow and Sookie went to a lot of trouble to make dinner special. Rory goes into the living room, and Jess takes a beer from the fridge and sneaks out the back door.
Lorelai goes into the kitchen to get bread and doesn't see Jess. She goes out the backdoor to find Jess on the porch with a beer. She snags the beer, and makes an effort to be nice to Jess. She tells him that she knows what he's going through, but Jess doesn't care and continues being rude. Lorelai's pissed.
Lorelai goes back inside and tells Luke that Jess is more screwed up than they thought. She's trying to help, but Luke resents her interference. They get into a big fight and Luke leaves.
The next morning, Luke gets a phone call from Taylor, who tells Luke that Jess has done something bad. Luke doesn't believe it, but agrees to talk to Jess.
Rory is at Chilton and goes to see Max Medina for the interview. They start the interview, and mid-way soon Rory stops to tell him that she really wanted him as a stepfather. He tells her that he wanted to be her stepfather too.
As Luke and Jess are walking across the bridge, Luke tells Jess that Taylor called and accused Jess of stealing the money from the "repair the bridge" donation cup. Jess says that it's not true, and Luke believes him. Luke and Jess exchange some words, and Luke gets frustrated and pushes Jess into the lake.
Luke, a complete basket case, goes to Lorelai's house and tells her about how Jess stole the money and how he got so frustrated that he pushed Jess into the lake. Just then Babette comes running over to Lorelai's house and tells them that one of her gnomes is missing. Luke immediately suspects Jess.
Luke runs back to the diner and lays down some rules, which include returning the money and the gnome. After the lecture, Jess leaves.
Luke, who is a complete basket case, comes over to Lorelai's house and tells her about how Jess stole the money and how he got so frustrated that he pushed Jess into the Lake. Just then Babette comes running over to Lorelai and tells her and Luke that one of her gnomes is missing. Luke suspects Jess, so he runs back to the diner to lay down the law to Jess, and it includes returning the money and the gnome. After his lecture, Jess leaves.
Jess walks down the street, sees Rory and goes over to her. He gives her a book, which she realizes is her own; he stole her book. He's written in the margins and it's obvious that he's read it before. About forty times, according to Jess. Rory says that she thought he didn't read much. "What is much?" Jess counters. They say goodnight. Rory calls Jess "Dodger". Jess thinks a second and realizes the Oliver Twist connection. They both walk away, smiling.

Road Trip to Harvard ...

17. srpna 2007 v 18:23

Rory and Lorelai are in their Jeep continuing on their spontaneous road trip that started last episode. Lorelai is complaining about the lack of music, and Rory is worried about where they are. Rory asks Lorelai to stop driving before they hit the Atlantic Ocean, but Lorelai replies by saying not unless it's the Pacific.

They stop at Hayden's Nut House to pick up some food for the drive. Once back in the car, Rory pulls out a map and starts talking about where they are headed, but Lorelai ignores her and calls Sookie. She explains that the engagement is off. Lorelai asks Sookie if she has started her wedding cake, the camera cuts to a shot of the beautifully finished cake when Sookie reassures Lorelai that she hasn't. Lorelai hangs up and chastises Rory for using a map. Rory says they are headed to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Lorelai replies that she has a friend, Donald something-or-rather, that owns a Bed & Breakfast in that town. They decide to head there.

They step inside the B&B and encounter a lady asking them if they want to ring the bell that sits on her desk. Lorelai rings the bell and asks if Donald is there. The lady, Ladawn, says no. It turns out that she bought the place from him a year ago and renamed it the Cheshire Cat. Next, Ladawn takes them to room 3 after asking Rory if she wants to ring the bell, but not before the girls spot Sammy the cat lounging on the staircase. They enter the room and are surprised by the amount of flowers that decorate the walls; this is so not Lorelai and Rory's style. Ladawn then asks Lorelai what business she is in, and Lorelai responds by saying, "Publishing."

Soon, Lorelai and Rory find the B&B's guest book and make fun of the entries in it. The girls are now starving so they are walk down the stairs only to see a whole bunch of people in the living room of the Cheshire Cat. Not wanting to meet these people, let alone get interrogated by them, they go back upstairs despite their stomachs.

In their room, they sit on the bed in their pajamas trying to decide what to do. Rory says they should talk and Lorelai asks what about. Rory brings up the subject of Max which causes Lorelai to get annoyed and turn out the light. Rory turns it back on and a screaming match ensues. Finally, Rory gives up and they both lie down. Lorelai then says quietly, "I wish I did love him, you have no idea how much." Rory gives her a kiss and they go to sleep.

In the morning, Lorelai says that the flowers in the room had reproduced. What an awful thought. Rory discovers that Lorelai had written "Satanic forces are at work here" in the guest book. Rory then fixes the entry so it doesn't invoke the Dark Prince. Lorelai then checks the B&B schedule to see if they can get out without running into anyone. They go down the stairs to see Ladawn and a few other B&B'ers looking out the window watching Hummingbirds. Ladawn says they were worried about the two of them and encourages the girls to sit down and have some scones. Two B&B'ers join Lorelai and Rory at a table and one asks Lorelai about her work as a publisher. Lorelai responds that she works with children's books and names a few titles (The Horse that Wanted to Bark, etc.). The same B&B'er says that she thinks she read that to her grandson. Next, Lorelai says that she needs to make a call concerning publishing and leaves Rory to fend for herself.

Lorelai calls Sookie and asks what's going on. Sookie is at Luke's watching Kirk and Luke fight it out. Lorelai asks how the spreading of the ex-engagement news is going and Sookie says it's been going well, except for that Luke doesn't know yet. Lorelai asks Sookie to tell him and when she does, Luke responds by giving everyone in the diner free coffee.

The B&B'ers are talking to Rory about their son, when they comment on not even knowing is she's on the market. Rory responds that she's not, much to the delight of the B&B'ers who giggle about her having a boyfriend. But there is no more time to chat because Lorelai grabs Rory and it's time to leave. Rory says Lorelai has abandonment issues and Lorelai asks where she's hiding her map. Rory says she's not hiding a map, but Lorelai gets it out of her and looks at it, trying to figure out where they should go. Rory mentions Boston, but Lorelai says she knows where they are going. Rory of course asks where so she can chart a course, but Lorelai grabs the map and crumples it up much to Rory's dismay. Rory pouts and Lorelai says she'll buy her a new one.

Soon, Lorelai and Rory are standing outside Harvard and Lorelai says they should go inside. Rory responds that they can't because they need a guide, but Lorelai insists that she can do the job herself. They spot a coffee stand, so Rory goes to get some while Lorelai looks at a bulletin board with roommate requests. A guy comes up behind her and comments on the amount of postings. He even asks Lorelai if they have a class together, he has been meaning to say hi to her. He quickly leaves and Lorelai tells Rory that she thinks she's going to like college.

While on their own tour of the school, the two Gilmores stumble upon the library. Rory says it's the biggest she's ever seen. Lorelai surprises her by saying that it's only one of the 90 libraries; it houses 13 million books and the largest academic library in the world. Rory is disappointed, she thinks she's a failure because she hasn't read enough, but Lorelai replies that she doesn't think Rory has to read them all.

They wander into a dorm and meet two girls who are kind of weirded out by Lorelai because her college jargon comes from reruns of Happy Days. They next enter another dorm room and Lorelai comments on the small size of the room. She even makes Rory sit at the desk and pretend like she's studying. Lorelai and Rory continue walking in a hallway with classrooms attached. They enter a room filled with students, but Lorelai leaves in search of a bathroom. As the door slams, a professor notices Rory and tells her to have a seat, mistaking her for someone in the class.

On the way back from the bathroom, Lorelai finds a wall of pictures full of past valedictorians. She looks longingly at 1990's, what her class would have been had she gone to college. After staring at it for a while, she hears Rory's voice coming from the classroom and walks back. Rory has now become involved in the class discussion and is talking with the professor. She looks up to find Lorelai in the doorway and once out in the hallway, she says how much she loves college!

Back at the B&B, Ladawn is carrying down their bags. Lorelai comments how Sammy the cat has moved from her perch on the stairway, but Ladawn says he is never on the stairway. Lorelai debates with her about it for awhile and then gives up. With Lorelai and Rory almost done at the B&B, Ladawn says she can't wait to go up and read what they wrote in the guest book.

Lorelai and Rory make it back home to Stars Hollow and spot the hoopah Luke had made in the front of their house. Rory says she had forgotten about it and Lorelai says she had too. She walks to the hoopah and tries not to cry.

Next, Lorelai is conducting a slide show with pictures from their Harvard trip at Emily and Richard's house. Emily is complaining about the quality of the slides and says next time she goes to Harvard they are going to do it properly. She then asks Lorelai what Max would think about them leaving so abruptly. Lorelai responds by saying that she should have told Emily. This causes Emily to think that Max and Lorelai have eloped. Lorelai calms her down by saying that she called off the wedding and her and Max are not together anymore. In true Emily fashion, she tells Lorelai that she'll have to return her gift. Lorelai then continues to bug her mom about what the gift was.

Later, the girls park the car somewhere in the town and talk about if it's close enough to the curb. Lane comes running up and hugs Rory and they talk about Korea and how it wasn't so bad. The girls are glad to see each other again.

Lorelai enters Luke's Diner and Luke apologizes about the wedding. He says he's sorry for being mean to Max. Lorelai says he already apologized, and it was nice of him to make the hoopah. He gets riled up and says he forgot about that, and that he'll get rid of it now, but Lorelai tells him she wants to keep it. Luke asks about their trip and Lorelai explains how Rory fit so well at Harvard. Luke wonders how that made Lorelai feel. Lorelai says she loved it and hated it. It got her thinking about her life then and life now. She then asks Luke about lines of credit at a bank and says she wants to move forward with her plans to open the inn with Sookie. She gets up to leave and Luke says to let him know when she needs help.

Rory and Lane are talking about their trip when Lorelai comes up. Rory asks if she can go to Lane's for awhile and they walk away squealing about Harvard. Lorelai looks sad; she pulls out her cellphone and calls Sookie to tell her that she thinks they are ready to move forward with the "inn thing." She smiles and gets back in the car.

Red Light on the Wedding Night ...

17. srpna 2007 v 18:22

Rory and Lorelai are busy tasting wedding cakes and can't decide which one is the best. The big day is two weeks from tomorrow and this is a crucial decision. The only thing to do is to keep eating cake. Rory then shows her mom some sample invitations with random poetry quotes for the cover. Lorelai picks something by Mussolini just as Rory expresses a bit of guilt about sampling free cake when Sookie is already baking one for the wedding. But ultimately Lorelai and Rory decide that ethics are completely over-rated when it comes to cake.

At home, Lorelai is looking over Kirk's photographs. Apparently, it's his hobby and he'd like to shoot the photos for the wedding. She agrees but only if he accepts lunch and the cost of the film as payment. Deal. Kirk leaves, and Lorelai asks Max to stay for the whole weekend while his apartment is being painted. Think of it as a trial run. After all, he'll be moving in soon enough.

Meanwhile, Rory and Dean are contemplating what to do that night. All the movies in the theater suck, so they're stuck with Monty Python again. But this time Dean refuses to speak in an English accent all night. Then Rory reveals that Lorelai wants them all to go out on a double date this weekend. Dean is down with it, except for the fact that it's his and Rory's anniversary. Rory disagrees. It's the 24th. But Dean points out that they have a new anniversary, the 6th because that's when they got back together. So, what's the happy couple to do? Celebrate two anniversaries.

When Max makes a real dinner for the Gilmore girls, they can hardly believe their eyes. Nor did they ever know that they had a broiler. After dinner, it's movie time. Lorelai and Rory can practically quote the whole thing while poor Max is shushed every time he speaks. Finally, he and Lorelai retire upstairs and it does seem kind of weird, for both girls. Lorelai can't sleep a wink and heads right into Rory's room to talk. She just can't deal with having a boy in her room and thinks she and Rory should clear the air. Rory is fine with it all, but it's clear that Lorelai is not. Life as she knows it will soon be over. Yeah, but is Lorelai happy? That's what matters most. Lorelai says she is but then falls asleep in Rory's bed.

At the diner in the morning, Lorelai, Rory and Max plan to eat together. Luke is ordered to be nice and he overdoes it, until Max needs extra time to order. He doesn't know what he wants. It throws the whole morning diner world order into complete chaos. Suddenly, Luke spots a county work crew installing Stars Hollow's very first metered traffic light and cross walk. Luke is outraged. He wasn't informed about any of this. Taylor insists that it's for the public safety and there's nothing that Luke can do about it. Lorelai comes outside to sympathize and asks if Luke is coming to her wedding. He blows off the question claiming he's got calls to make about that damn traffic light.

On their double date, Lorelai and Rory rush off for ice cream after a huge dinner. That leaves Dean to give Max the information on the quirks on the Gilmore girls. And there are quite a few. He lists as many as he can think of in a few minutes time and it's just the tip of the iceberg. Poor Max. He has no idea what he's really up against.

Back at home, Max and Lorelai go inside and leave the other lovebirds on the porch. Max expresses concern over how long they get to be outside together. What are the rules? Because once Max is living there, he needs to know what to do. What if he catches them making out on the couch? Um, they're teenagers, they're allowed to make out. Okay, what if Rory comes home drunk? Lorelai knows that would never happen. But if it did, Lorelai would handle it. So, Max has absolutely no role in Rory's life. He's quite upset about it. Lorelai explains that Rory is all grown up; she doesn't need anything from Max. Ouch. How the is this relationship going to work? How do they combine two lives? Max wants have more to do in the Gilmore house than make dinner and answer the phone. Clearly, Max and Lorelai have a lot to figure out, and they better do it soon.

When the light is installed outside the diner, Taylor gives everyone a lesson on how to use it. But Luke points out that there's never been an accident at that crosswalk in Stars Hollow. Unfortunately, it's too late to remove it.

Sookie and Lorelai have other things on their minds, namely a bachelorette party, at a drag club. Before they leave, Luke puts in another two cents about the pointlessness of weddings and other such related ceremonies. And it seems what he's saying might be making sense to Lorelai.

As the girls try to get into the club, the bouncer almost prevents Rory from getting in. But Lorelai works her magic and everyone gets in to see a bunch of men dressed like women. But the real horror is that Michel has taken the liberty of inviting Emily. She reminisces about what it was like the week before she got married and how madly in love she and Richard were. But that's not all. She would get out of bed every night and put on her dress and marvel at how safe she felt. This sentiment makes Lorelai feel all of the sudden not so safe. And while others at the table get all mushy, Lorelai gets up from the table to make a phone call. But she doesn't call Max; she calls Christopher to tell him she's getting married. Christopher only wants to know two things? Is he worthy of Lorelai and Rory and what is his CD collection like? This makes it clear that Max is not the one for Lorelai.

Lorelai is totally hung-over in the morning and annoyed that Max isn't. He comes by the inn because he needs a set of the house keys, which Lorelai keeps forgetting to make for him. Should he be reading into this? Max loses it for a second and tells Lorelai that she's got to think about someone other than herself for two minutes a day. Ouch.

At home, Rory mentions that Christopher called and she knows about the phone call. Rory thinks it's kind of weird and wants the scoop. Why did Lorelai pretend to call Max and then call Christopher? Lorelai blames the Long Island Ice Tea. But what's the real problem here? Lorelai insists everything is fine. She goes outside to find Luke bringing her a hoopa that he made himself. (A hoopa is a structure with four posts holding a wooden platform, it is used when a couple gets married and represented the coming together of people under one roof.)

So, did Luke really mean all those things he said about marriage? People can evolve together, right? Luke says it can happen, but only if you find the right person. Who is that right person anyway?

The next thing you know, Lorelai is in Rory's room frantically packing for a road trip. Wait a second, she can't go on a road trip, there's a wedding this weekend. Rory finds out that Lorelai can't get married because she never tried on her dress every night. And that's all Rory needs to hear. A road trip it is! The girls get in the car and get behind the wheel. But they don't get very far. That damn new traffic light!